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Why do I need the service of moving to OkayCMS

If you already have a store for an outdated, low-functional or unsuitable for e-commerce CMS, then in order not to lose all your content, when changing CMS you need to transfer it.

We offer a service of transferring data from your current system, which will allow you to save time for filling this data into a new CMS, as well as to maintain the link mass and prevent the emergence of a large number of 404 error pages.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What systems did you transfer data to OkayCMS from?

    We have transferred data from such systems as WooCommerce, OpenCart, Simpla, Magento, PrestaShop, ImageCMS, PromUa more than once. But if you have a system that is not on this list, we can also help you.

  • What data are you transferring?

    We transfer:

    All categories of their descriptions and images
    All brands, their descriptions and images
    All products, their descriptions, images, properties (characteristics), prices and links with categories and brands

    We can also transfer blog entries from some systems, but this possibility depends individually on the system from which we transfer data.

  • How is the work done?

    The customer provides us with access to the hosting on which the site is located. We create a subdomain to which we install the OkayCMS system and to which we transfer all the necessary data. Upon completion of the work, the customer receives the OkayCMS system on his hosting, to which all content from the donor site is added. In the case of transferring a site from PromUA, the procedure is slightly different, contact us for clarification.

  • What about redirects?

    Whenever possible, we try to keep the same URLs for products, categories and brands on the new site as it was on the old site. But if this is not possible, we create a table of redirects and register it in the system so that for all links to products, categories and brands from the old site, pages with a 404 error are not generated, but a 301 redirect to the corresponding page occurs

  • What is the cost of such a service?

    The cost depends individually on what kind of system you have and how many goods in it. We will name the exact cost after reviewing the project, but the approximate order of prices is as follows.

    For sites on:

    OkayCMS versions 1 and 2. - $ 40-60

    SimplaCMS - 60-100 $

    PromUa 60-100 $

    WooCommerce - $ 200-250

    OpenCart - $ 200-250

    Magento - 350-400 $

    PrestaShop 300-350 $

    ImageCMS - 250-300 $

  • How long does this work take?

    Usually the transfer of all data takes from three to five working days, but in the case of working with individual systems, this time can be increased

Our advantage

Articulated price before work starts
Maintaining link mass and no 404 errors after migration
Fast moving to a modern system
Saving time and resources for the content manager
Order moving to OkayCMS

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