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Why do I need OkayCMS VIP service
VIP service will allow you to quickly receive answers to all questions about the functionality of the OkayCMS system and its capabilities, you will receive comprehensive advice on modules from the marketplace, priority processing speed of requests in technical support, transfer of your project to GIT, monthly backups of your website, as well as monitoring of performance your site and quick response to emerging problems. As your site grows, even a few hours of downtime will be expensive, therefore, as part of the VIP service, we will connect monitoring systems to your site and will always be in touch to quickly fix any problems that have arisen.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does VIP service differ from regular OkayCMS support?

    As part of normal support, the operator's response time is up to 24 hours, which can sometimes be too much in case of critical problems. Also, regular support does not provide consulting services on the functionality of the system and its capabilities, but within the framework of VIP service, such services will be provided.

  • What is included in the VIP service

    VIP service includes

    Consultations on modules from the marketplace,
    Training and consultation on the functionality of the system
    Priority speed of processing requests in technical support,
    Translating your project to GIT,
    Monthly backups of your site
    Monitoring the health of your site
    Fast response to emerging problems.


    VIP service does not include the development of individual modules for your site, but you will receive detailed advice and assistance in drawing up the technical specification if you decide to order such work

  • What is the cost of VIP services?

    The cost of the service is $ 200 for 1 calendar month.

  • What data will you need?

    To provide high-quality services, we will need access to the hosting / server of your site, so that in case of problems we can urgently fix them, so that we can set up monitoring of your site's performance, and also so that we can make monthly backups of your site.

Our Benefits

Quick response to problems, even on weekends
We do all the work ourselves, you only provide access to the site
Maintenance from system developers
Monthly backups will allow you to restore your site even if the server is damaged.
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