• How do I upgrade Okay CMS 3 * to the next version with updates?
  • How to install OkayCMS system?
  • How to move the site to a new host?

    To move the site to another hosting need:
    1. Copy and move all the files from the old site hosting;
    2. Copy and move the dump site database from the database server;
    3. Fix in config / config.php & nbsp file; setting to connect to the new database
    4.. Correct in cml / .htaccess & nbsp file, the path to the file with a password to connect to 1C


    Remember, you can always ask any question to tech support OkayCMS through the admin panel of your site or info@okay-cms.com mail.

  • What are the system requirements OkayCMS?
    1. RAM at least 192 MB;
    2. Databases & mdash; MySQL 5 +;
    3. Web server & mdash; Apache 2.2.x. It recommended a bunch of Apache 2.2.x and nginx (frontend);
    4. PHP 5.6+ with established libraries JSON, cURL, php_zip, GD lib, mysqli, imagick;
    5. A file server system allows you to create and delete files from php scripts within the site directory.
  • What is written OkayCMS?

    OkayCMS written in the programming language   PHP, HTML markup, CSS, Try Us template engine SMARTY  .

  • How to set up the sending of letters to the site?

    The admin panel site go to Site Settings - > Notification Settings - > in the appropriate fields with the Email.

    If you need to email about a new order / comments on the site came to several   Email'ov, enter the desired address in the appropriate field, separated by commas without spaces  .

    You can also specify the return address of the notification, which will come on the client's response, if that happened  .

    Configuration of email using SMTP.  

  • How to change the website language translation?

    The necessity to go Site Preferences - Site languages ​​ by default, the En, Ua, Ru , you can add a new language - Add Language < / em> and choose from the list.

    It is important! To activate the desired language, you must drag it to the top of the list.

  • How to change the address on the map on the Contact Us page?

    To change the address on the map on the Contact Us page, you need to create a map with its location. How to do it below:

    1. How to insert a Google Map on the site described in the   instructions   (see the block." How do I add a site map or a route ")


    2. To insert Yandex Maps on a website, use the designer   card

    After copying the desired code, go to the admin panel of your site Design - Design Settings-General Settings (card contacts) . Replace the code that is registered.

  • Changes at the top / bottom of the site - a phone while working?

    To change data, you must go to the admin panel of the website Design - Design Settings . All the essential information is edited on this page.

  • How to change a favicon (icon in the browser tab)

    To change the favicon you need to go to the admin panel of the website Design - Design Settings . And paste the image into sootvetstvueyuschee field.

  • How to change the watermark on the photos?

    To change the image watermark, which is displayed on the photo of the goods at uvelichina necessary in the admin panel of the website go to the menu Site Directory Settings -Settings - block watermark settings. Download the desired image, it must be in png format, set the appropriate transparency size, and save the changes  .

  • Is there access to the source code, to be able to change the pattern / design?

    Access is, as the entire CMS source code, and for the pattern in particular. The template can be edited directly from the control panel under Design - Templates , or   through the FTP protocol by modifying the design files in a folder


    You have a right as any other to set the pattern and design individually stylize the site  .

  • Where a brief description of the goods displayed on the site?

    A brief product description is displayed when you hover on the item in the catalog.

  • Unloading of goods on marketpleysy and price aggregators?

    In the admin panel, go to the tab modules , is there, all of the available modules in the system for unloading goods.

  • I can not upload files to the server

    For a successful file upload, neobodimo open right to the directory with the site and all its files and directories. In this case, the owner   site must match the owner of the file. To open a writable contact your hosting provaderu.

  • How to register meta tags in different languages?

    To indicate any information in several languages ​​you must first fill in the information in the same language, to save. Then switch to another language and fill out the same field in the other language. This applies just as the product information and meta-data  .

  • Imports of goods on the site through .csv, .hml, .yml, xlsx

    The import of goods on the site osuschestavlyatsya using a csv file - Importing / Exporting - > Import.

    But if you need to import .yml format - you can purchase module

  • Where can I see examples of sites?

    Part of the site is presented on the page   https://okay-cms.com/sites/all_sites

  • How does technical support OkayCMS?

    Consult with a technical matter of the system can work through the technical support section in the admin panel of your site

    Described here
    On Saturday,   and Sunday technical support does not work


    Technical Support does not produce:
    1. Transfer the software from your local computer to the hosting and hosting hosting;
    2. Update software;
    3. Changing the layout and development of the site pages;
    4. Integration with external software scripts;
    5. Advice on the use of CSS, HTML, Javascript, etc .;
    6. The execution of works that have already been carried out previously. </ P>

    However, on these issues, you can refer to our   forum   and   to get an answer from experienced users OkayCMS, web designers and programmers.

  • For a number of products designed OkayCMS?

    The actual limit on the number of headings in the catalog engine OkayCMS not envisaged. Site operability with a large catalog   depends on the performance of your server


    We conducted testing to 100,000 products on a standard VPS server hosting from   Reg.ru & nbsp ;, while the problems with the performance of the site was not recorded  .

    It should be understood that each individual catalog. The more categories, characteristics and properties of the product, information   in the description, images in the item card, the more   requires   Server Resource

  • Purchase module / template installation charge

    Do you have the opportunity to purchase any module from our marketpleysa -   Supplement, or Pattern & nbsp ; section   Templates . You may like to do to install the module / template (instructions included) and take advantage of our technical support services.
    Payment can be made in the preferred currency. Please let us know if there are difficulties with payment.

    If you need to develop an individual module - Please refer to our   Partners .

  • How do I insert the third-party code (online chat, call back, analytics)?

    To OkayCMS PRO in the admin panel of the site, SEO section - counters and codes - Add code. Here you can place the code of any third-party service.

  • License OkayCMS for the local server

    - Permanent license is now available by default for the following domains on the local server: localhost, local, okay, ok, okaycms, okcms, okaycms, okcms, okaycms3. Permanent license code:  

    6krnbqvtld bcwcejpzgj nvwnxosqyt ovrztnqqr1 xutb9nhlsl ik7a6y9z zqwhhrtwdx gihygryqik sxknuyr6xn qus8rtylvl fzzrotobdm 9qjpshflqm xwhjoxhmyn rumsknsnnl rdpcqnplvm rnavvrbt6f qsqs8zhofs hymnurdttq mzyfvryc kwwbrqqozk povbqn8kpx dmvkswonpz 9trlkmtwvy vnevholswk k6zvmqlzxd nppptcvivx mtkyzxxztq rmdxpympvt i9pgr7tvko nmpsklravr mtudvsskxl wwumxjcmxz fwyvktgywo gibfedydq9 ezjrhtsrzg ovjiqevq vooqyktn zp7z4wo2lx y8ylkeghxr yjsevsjvsn ​​zikgnljhoh puvlswwsxy xvf2dlzobk obyvhepz pbvapwoyhq xwozmqqmiz skntlxuutx rfqny5xpf6 i7pp9ewg8a bzbhrlelmn kitumtymls vywouvlqpk ycostvrmsp xegu9xpifu ogay9zweyp dvxnenvnfq qwirwpyuj1 lgupzbwot6 q8xe7uixwz hegzfiqg9i qzfkfntzdu hyxpyulqsy zsxjvqvvvs xjxnptvvjm 4tkwavel6n 9xrnjokzjr nyflrlttxx sty9weslnh rjtdztqrsg yhyi3i9lhz modrzqtpou a2xjj6mlks syx6pmmhsq pkwwsvopsw vnvnznmzov 9seonrdom4 9bvdtebnom l8erpzsjpf xpndqrqjuf nhwousuyyr ux7vewsut9 6u677ypnhe shswghomud woxnwiojru nwlwwuvrvs tywtcarl74 9dp7eom9jp bzovmvjehy vvfnxuxtql stvnpyolot yvv8pmx97h xm57uk ciwn zbjwnugxzh cflvpnoovo uympwotxor pbpwzevzw7 rldr88ef8v fjdw