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Why does the site need technical support on OkayCMS

Your business is directly dependent on the site, so it needs to be constantly improved, developed, updated, added new functions. In the process, there are many small technical problems, for which it is impractical to hire a specialist. For example: installing a new module, changing the color of buttons, adding a field to the form, updating the system to the current version. It is in these cases that the support from OkayCMS will be useful to you. With the help of our specialists you can quickly solve such and similar problems .


Frequently Asked Questions

  • I believe this is a bug in the system and you should fix it for free and out of the ordinary.

    Because the system is distributed free of charge, all detected errors are corrected in future versions. If you want the bug to be fixed right away from you on the site you can refer to those. support and we will value this work.

  • What is not included in the work of technical support?

    - site acceleration and optimization

    - site promotion in search engines

    - integration with crm

    - change of work of standard functionality of system (change of work of import, filtering)

    - creation of AMP pages

    - transfer content from other SMS

    - transfer of improvements from previous versions of the system to version 4. *

  • How are the works performed?

    All troubleshooting methods are solved using OkayCMS encoding standards, which means that we will not change your kernel, thus keeping everything clear and clean. We will implement all works only by means of modules or modification of a template

  • What versions of OkayCMS do you support?

    By agreement, technical support will perform work on any version of OkayCMS

  • What is the cost of technical support services?

    The cost of services is calculated individually. You need to send a request with a detailed description of the task, we estimate the cost of this work and issue an invoice to pay for a specific, agreed task.

  • How to speed up the answer?

    All appeals are processed in turn within 24 hours. You can switch to VIP service to speed up your answers

Our Benefits

Turnkey technical support
we have transparent pricing
There are specialists working on technical support who know okaycms perfectly
We are promptly solving your problems and processing requests
Payment from legal entities is possible even for small amounts

What our customers think about OkayCMS technical support

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