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Menu creation and customization
Menu creation and customization

In this lesson, you will learn how to create a menu in OkayCMS and how to add a page to the menu, we will learn and step by step how to create a menu and how to add a second tab in the site header (drop-down submenu) in OkayCMS. Menu creation in OkayCMS

BOM or mysterious character & # 65279;
BOM or mysterious character & # 65279;

Today we will talk about one very insidious thing - the & # 65279; symbol, which is Hell for layout designers.

Keeping the project on GIT
Keeping the project on GIT

Previously, we strongly recommended running projects with Git. Now, this is a required parameter for any project, at least a medium size. This makes it easier to update the site and implement improvements on it.

How do I upgrade Okay CMS 3 * to the next version with updates

Due to the fact that there are many questions about updating Okay CMS 3 * to subsequent versions, we decided to write a detailed instruction for updating the system.

Description logic of the color change from the admin. panel OkayCMS 3. *

A new block has appeared in the design settings for customizing colors

These colors are written to a separate file in the template, which lies in ...

New SEO Automation OkayCMS
New SEO Automation OkayCMS

Description of the large-scale SEO filter update and the entire SEO section

As uctanovit module Example module "Optional field" (Edit)

Instructions for installing the "Custom field" module on OkayCMS

Как обновить шаблон сайта до OkayCMS 2.*
How to effectively make up templates for mobile devices on OkayCMS

How to use is_mobile and is_tablet functions correctly in OkayCMS

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