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ChangeLog версии OkayCMS 4.1.1
ChangeLog версии OkayCMS 4.1.1

- Исправлена критическая ошибка, которая вызывалась на статических страницах (PageController)
- Исправлена ошибка, которая возникала, если у брендов в описании было записано NULL

ChangeLog версии OkayCMS 4.1.0
ChangeLog версии OkayCMS 4.1.0

Это получилось суто техническое обновление. В рамках дальнейшего развития системы нужно было сделать рефакторинг кода, чтобы улучшить архитектуру и дать больше возможностей для разработчиков. Обычные пользователи найдут тут мало улучшений, а вот разработчики должны оценить. Результаты работ, которые будут видны обычным пользователям появятся в следующих ближайших версиях. 

ChangeLog version OkayCMS 4.0.5
ChangeLog version OkayCMS 4.0.5
  • We made it so that if the field old price in import is passed with a value of - 0, then the value of the old price will be cleared. We made it so that old prices could be removed through imports.
  • Did that if in the admin. If the panel in the list of products was filtered by categories, then for the filter by brands, not only products from this category were offered, but also brands of products from the child subcategories of this category.
  • Activated the ability to enable Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte in the social list. networks in the settings. But I remind you that these social. networks are prohibited in Ukraine, if you turn them on, then the site will slow down for users from this country.
ChangeLog version OkayCMS 4.0.4
ChangeLog version OkayCMS 4.0.4
  • In the 1C module, the setting "Reset the old price of options if it did not come from 1C" was added. By default, the setting is disabled.
  • For greater flexibility in exporting discounts from 1C, a setting has been added to the 1C module, which allows you to export discounts for goods in an order separately for each product. Also, the formula for calculating the amount of the discount has been changed so that now the discount of the product is always indicated per unit of the product and is no longer multiplied by the quantity.
  • Added the ability to use the declension of the second selected property in SEO templates for filter pages, according to the property + property strategy
ChangeLog version OkayCMS 4.0.3
ChangeLog version OkayCMS 4.0.3
Установка модуля для OkayCMS 4*

Installation instructions for modules for OkayCMS 4
1. After purchasing a module, you will receive an email with a link to the module.

Вышла бесплатная версия OkayCMS 2.4.0

Free version OkayCMS 2.4.0 released

The main changes in this version:

  • Removed license check, changed system distribution conditions
  • Refactoring the code
  • Pull requests accepted from GitHub
ChangeLog версии OkayCMS 4.0.2
ChangeLog версии OkayCMS 4.0.2
  • Fixed a bug with SEO filters, due to which meta-data for filtering pages was formed incorrectly
  • Fixed indexing settings for property values
  • Fixed the problem with adding tech support keys from admin. panels
  • We made the transfer of the system version on the site for more analytics of the system users
  • Fixed a typo in the page title and menu item for the "Privacy Policy" page
Возможности раздела "Настройки индексации"

In the OkayCMS admin panel there is a section "Indexing Settings", which is located in the SEO block
This section is divided into two parts.
On the left side, you can make output settings


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