Are you a BackEnd or FrontEnd developer, create extensions or templates for online stores?
- Join our developer community on OkayCMS.
- Submit your work to MARKETPLACE on the official website of the system.
- Get 70% profit from every sale.
To publish a template / add-on in MarketPlace OkayCMS, you must provide:

1.Docx file or link to GoogleDocs with information:

  • template / add-on name
  • template / add-on description
  • support conditions (not provided / only by mail / by mail and telephone)
  • screenshots of the template / add-on (optional)
  • video review of the template / add-on (desirable)
  • link and access to demo site (desirable)

2. The name of the template / addon branch in your repository

You can read more about how to add your template / module to the repository by following the link 

Read all the requirements for registration in instruction.


After each sale of a solution in our marketplace, its developer will receive a letter by mail and will be able to receive the payment due to him in any convenient way.

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