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Installation instructions for modules for OkayCMS 4
1. After purchasing a module, you will receive an email with a link to the module.

How to organize and to accept payment in the online store

A complex payment process and a small number of methods lead to abandoned carts. To increase the transaction rate, one solution is to allow the buyer to pay online. There is a convenient way for Ukrainian and Russian businessmen how to organize payment in an online store without involving programmers. Our team has tested and created step-by-step instructions.

How to create a website for agricultural products

Seasonality is important for an agricultural project. Therefore, by the beginning of the season (spring-autumn), it is necessary to complete the development and design of the portal in order to provide users with a finished product - a convenient resource where you can quickly find everything you need and place an order.

How to open an online clothing store
How to open an online clothing store

The design of the site directly affects its perception by the visitor. Therefore, it is important to choose a template that will not only please the owner, but also become practical for buyers. Since a template is a way to get your design and layout ready, the time savings will be significant.

How Good Web Design Differs From Mediocre - 10 Important Factors

What is a good design then? And what does “good” mean when it comes to website design? What needs to be done so that the site design is thoughtful, competent and efficiently fulfills its purpose?

How to make a website for independent partners Herbalife

The international corporation Herbalife is engaged in the production of products for balanced nutrition, weight control, and personalized care. Independent Partners advise consumers and provide purchase assistance. Sales are organized through network marketing, and consumers are directly distributors and just customers.

Compare Horoshop and OkayCMS
Compare Horoshop and OkayCMS

What determines the effectiveness of an Internet resource and what can be done to achieve the most positive results? One of the primary issues that must be resolved when planning the development of a site is the choice of CMS. Much depends on the system on which the site is installed:

Comparison of 1C-Bitrix and OkayCMS
Comparison of 1C-Bitrix and OkayCMS

Working on your own website is very responsible and requires making the most balanced decisions at the stage of choosing a CMS and developing a platform. Within the framework of this article, we will focus on the question: what to choose 1C-Bitrix or Okay CMS, we will pay attention to the features and advantages of each of these systems.

Compare Magento and OkayCMS
Compare Magento and OkayCMS

In order for a certain site to be able to work efficiently and productively, its creation should be approached as responsibly and carefully as possible. The choice of the system that will be used when creating an online store deserves special attention. The fact is that a commercial platform specializing in the sale of goods or services should allow you to implement all the necessary functionality and be easy to use, both for administrators involved in maintaining and filling sites, and for customers of online stores. Many people and companies that are faced with the question of choosing the right CMS for themselves, analyze: what to choose Magento or OkayCMS. Let's compare the features and capabilities of these site engines.

Increase Website Conversion - chips from Shiftreset
Increase Website Conversion - chips from Shiftreset

Conversion is a key indicator of the performance of any online store or website. To increase it, you can use advertising or less obvious and costly tools. Tips and secrets for high conversion that not everyone knows about - we have.

For e-commerce, conversion rates and revenue are interconnected, and targeted actions of visitors increase the profitability of a store or website. To increase conversion, you can attract more users through advertising or optimize the resource itself. And if with the first method everything is relatively simple - we invest more in advertising = higher conversion, then not everyone knows how to optimize the site. Below are a few tips that will help visitors take the desired action, and the project to raise revenues.


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