ChangeLog version OkayCMS 4.0.4

  • In the 1C module, the setting "Reset the old price of options if it did not come from 1C" was added. By default, the setting is disabled.
  • For greater flexibility in exporting discounts from 1C, a setting has been added to the 1C module, which allows you to export discounts for goods in an order separately for each product. Also, the formula for calculating the amount of the discount has been changed so that now the discount of the product is always indicated per unit of the product and is no longer multiplied by the quantity.
  • Added the ability to use the declension of the second selected property in SEO templates for filter pages, according to the property + property strategy
  • Added system version to title admin. panels.
  • Changed the order of menu items in the admin. panels (there will be a separate question about this in the OkayCMS chat in the telegram)
  • Fixed search for streets in the New Mail module
  • Fixed layout of the admin login page. panel, unnecessary scrollbar removed.
  • Replaced the text of the license agreement
  • Fixed a situation when html tags were displayed in FAQ modules, in Banners and in Technical Support
  • Fixed duplicate product name in the print form from the admin. panels
  • Fixed the work of setting the indexing of property values from the topic  
  • Fixed display of notice on some hosting when importing goods

You can download the new version by following the link archive with changes compared to 4.0.3 by the link You can also write through the "Technical support" section or through the form on the "Support" page to order updates by our specialists.

Comments 1
05.04.2021, 22:00
после обновления получил на страницах чпу фильтра ошибку 500, откатился назад (пугать посетителей такой работой фильтра не захотел) ждем комментариев и правки
06.04.2021, 20:14
Алексей, такая проблема воспроизводится если включить отложенную загрузку фильтров. Пока не включайте её, в ближайшей версии поправим.
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