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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today. It is used by both ordinary users and online stores. Advertising and sales through Instagram is a special trend on which more than one successful business is built. The ease of registration and the deceptive simplicity of maintaining a business profile on this social network has generated enormous competition. Therefore, presence alone is no longer enough; potential customers must be attracted.

There are many ways to draw attention to your page, but in view of the fact that the priority on Instagram is given to the visual component, in this article we will talk specifically about publications. Correct design and posting significantly increase the chances that your publication will be seen by the audience and place an order, call or perform any other action that you want.

Instagram posting tips

The secrets of an ideal posting may differ from each other depending on the topic, field of activity and focus of work. It is important to track your own dynamics and audience response, analyze this data and draw conclusions from it for further publications.

Here are some general guidelines to help you get more attention for your Instagram post:

  • lighting is one of the most important factors in a successful photo; make sure that the main subject is in focus and well lit;
  • use contrasting, eye-catching colors, but don't overdo it with brightness;
  • according to the “three objects” rule, a successful photo should have no more than three focal objects that you want to draw attention to;
  • photos taken on a “live” background collect more likes than similar objects on a plain surface;
  • photos in which the orientation of the object is slightly shifted to the right work better due to the peculiarities of perception by the human brain, for example, a focal object in the right hand;
  • the average successful time for posting is from 7 to 10 am and from 8 to 11 pm, but for your audience these indicators may differ and they should be clarified using your own analytics;
  • use calls to action in signatures, but don't overuse it;
  • maximum photo size - 1080x1080 px;
  • do not use more than 20% of the letters or words in the photo.

Short videos are also a common type of Instagram ads. But it is worth remembering that this type of product has completely different rules of creation and requires not only more operator training, but also a well-thought-out scenario.

Algorithm for designing an advertising publication on Instagram

Very often, online stores, both beginners and quite established in their segment, in pursuit of budget savings, draw up advertising publications on their own. In these cases, they turn to the help of online editors, which allow them to “assemble” the desired picture in the form of a constructor. The principle of operation of many of them is of the same type, therefore, for a practical example of posting a sale in an online store, we will test one of these services, " "> online editor Canva.

The algorithm for creating a publication for an online store on Instagram is quite simple:

  • log in via email or social media account;
  • choose a design on the main page;
  • choose a template by theme or color;
  • add your own photo and process it;
  • add graphics and text as needed.

All that remains is to download the finished design and upload it to your profile. Choose a suitable day and time period for this when your target audience is most active on Instagram.

Choice of design and template

On the main page of the service, after authorization, you will see a search bar. Enter the name of the design and click on the appropriate option in the drop-down list.

Canva offers resized designs right away - no extra cropping required. After clicking on the desired option, a working page will open. It consists of a layout in the center, a viewing area on the left, and a main toolbar. Choosing a template for publishing a sale.

All that remains is to edit it with your photos and graphics to achieve the perfect publication.

Working with photos

You can upload your photos through the "Downloads" section or use the library of ready-made professional photos from the collection on the "Elements" - "Photos" tab. Find what you want through a keyword search.

Various abstract and minimalistic images are collected in the "Background" section. After adding photos to the design, you will see additional buttons above the layout - use them to edit with the built-in photo editor.

The buttons on the top panel will help you add a filter, adjust brightness, contrast, transparency, and set the foreground or background of the photo display, as in the example.

Graphic elements

Illustrations, icons, frames and other graphic elements can make your publication more interesting, but it is important not to overdo it with their number and size. They should complement the photo, and not focus on themselves. Collections of author's graphic objects are collected on the "Elements" - "Graphics" tab.

Keyword search is also available here. After adding a graphic element, you can edit it on the working area. Click on an object to drag, rotate or resize it. The top panel will display the settings for color, transparency, and other parameters.


In the given example, the text is used minimally - only the main focus words that a potential buyer should turn to. Don't overload your design with text labels - use the text box below your Instagram post for additional information.

If your chosen template does not provide fields for inscriptions, add them yourself through the “Text” section on the left with a special button.

After adding the text, notice the buttons above the layout. Here you can choose a font, adjust the color, transparency and other parameters of the captions on your photo.

As for our example, the English text about the sale will be understandable to any audience, however, if your topic is different, it is worth translating the inscription into Russian and using Russian-language fonts.


To download the design, click on the “Download” button on the blue toolbar at the top. Then select the download format. To save the photo in maximum quality, it is recommended to use the PNG format.

You can customize your Instagram post planner right away and prepare multiple designs using the smartphone version of Canva. Connect your Instagram accounts to automatically post photos on a set date and time.

Use convenient tools and extensive collections of the service to create unique posts on Instagram and attract more potential customers, increasing brand awareness.

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