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How to open an online clothing store

Table of contents
  1. What you need to open an online clothing store
  2. Decide on the type of product for your business.
  3. Find product suppliers
  4. Create an online clothing store from scratch
  5. How to create your own online clothing store
  6. Create a website prototype
  7. Buy domain and hosting
  8. Fill the site with content
  9. Is it profitable to open an online clothing store?

Make sure of the simplicity of creating your own online store: test the convenient online business management system OkayCMS!

Advantages of creating an online clothing store on OkayCMS

  • Ease of management. The development of an online clothing store on the OkayCMS engine takes a minimum of time, and learning how to manage the admin panel will take a few hours.
  • Multilingual. Information on the site can be displayed in different languages, which is not only convenient, but also useful for increasing targeted traffic .
  • Multicurrency. Prices are displayed in different currencies at the rate (the site administrator can independently select currencies).
  • Responsive web design . It ensures the correct display of the site on different devices, which increases the ease of use

What you need to open an online clothing store

Decide on the type of product for your business.

To create an online clothing store productively, you need to find the right niche. The assortment of clothes by style is quite large:

  • casual;
  • sports;
  • solemn;
  • design;
  • overalls.

Trying to capture all positions at the same time, be it pajamas, prom dresses, maternity clothes, is inappropriate. It is worth giving preference to a narrow profile, for example, plus size dresses or shirts / blouses made from natural fabrics. It is thanks to the sale of unique products that it will turn out to look advantageous against the background of competitors. Depending on the type of product, you need to designate the target audience .

Find product suppliers

Successful companies have proven and reliable suppliers that provide high quality goods , but it is quite difficult for novice businessmen to find suppliers.

Decide on the country of origin:

  • domestic factories;
  • China;
  • South Korea;
  • Turkey;
  • Italy.

It is more convenient to work with local manufacturers: quick setup of logistics (state mail ), the ability to control the process of sewing, no need to speak foreign languages. There are also disadvantages: local factories are not always able to sew really high-quality and fashionable clothes. And the cost of goods abroad can be significantly lower.

If you do not have the right amount of cash resources, consider dropshipping. Do not rush to sign an agreement with a specific store, check reviews from buyers, dropshipping partners, carefully read the terms of cooperation.

Create an online clothing store from scratch

If you are a beginner entrepreneur or businessman who wants to move the store online, but do not know how to open an online clothing store, you can use:

  • web studio services;
  • website builder system;
  • CMS aimed directly at the work of online stores;
  • freelance services.

OkayCMS team will launch your business online. Click on the "Order a store" button on the main page of the site, fill out the form. We will hold a tender between our partners and you choose a company that will make a website on the OkayCMS platform.

How to create your own online clothing store

The advantages of owning an online store are the ability to place an order by a customer around the clock, automation of business ownership, and a wide audience.

When developing a website, it is important to take into account those points that are typical mainly for an online clothing store:

  1. zoom in photo on hover (magnifier);
  2. size table in the product;
  3. filter by size;
  4. display of different colors of the product.

Create a website prototype

An entrepreneur must control all aspects of creating a website, even if they are difficult to understand. After all, it is the business owner who will accept the job. Regardless of whose services you used to open a store online, employees must create a site diagram with a drawing of the structure. This is a sample of a future site that a technician connects to a pre-selected CMS.

The design of the site directly affects its perception by the visitor. Therefore, it is important to choose a template that will not only please the owner, but also become practical for buyers. Since a template is a way to get your design and layout ready, the time savings will be significant.

Buy domain and hosting

After you select the name of the site (domain), you need to decide on the hosting - paid rent of space on the server using its capacity. Next, the site is loaded onto the hosting.

Fill the site with content

High-quality copy is not a very expensive and popular way to increase the number of visitors.

What content the business owner will have to work with:

  • product cards;
  • texts for the landing page, categories ;
  • blog articles;
  • Photo and video.

Is it profitable to open an online clothing store?

Having considered the process of how to create an online clothing store (how to open an online business), we can say with confidence that it is profitable to open your own online store:

  • savings on lease warehouse, salaries of staff, purchase of commercial equipment;
  • expanding the geography of sales;
  • the ability to view analytics;
  • minimum budget to start.

Every year there are more and more customers in online stores, because making purchases while sitting on the couch is comfortable. Competition in the direction and sale of clothing is high and this is logical: the higher the demand, the more offers. To stand out from other sites, it is necessary to consider the concept and make the site as user-friendly. Add an online chat so that the user can contact the support service , a call back, make a not very long registration, a structured directory.

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