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What is a product feed and why is it needed? Today, online stores have a huge number of products, marketers and sales departments make a lot of efforts to get and retain a client. The modern market offers a large number of options for increasing sales, in this case, third-party marketplaces and trading platforms act as additional tools. Product feed can be used for advertising or to add your product to trading platforms, marketplaces. A product feed is a structured XML file with information about your products. The structure of the file depends on the requirements of the marketplace. An example of an XML feed:

In the new version of OkayCMS 4.2.0, we added the ability to create feeds, each template has its own add-ons for the requirements of the host. Feed templates that are now available in the system: - Google Merchant - Hotline - Rozetka.ua - Yandex YML - Facebook - Price.ua - Prom.ua

This functionality will not only help increase the sales of your store, but also simplify a number of processes associated with working on trading floors.
Let's look at the example of creating one of the Google Merchant feeds, since today it is a very popular and working tool.

To create a feed template, go to the Product feeds tab - click Add Feed, after which a template will open for selecting and configuring feeds.

1) Products - here we can set up a template to add or exclude products / categories / property values ​​and brands from the feed.

2) Setting up a feed - in this tab you can set up individual requirements for feeds. If you have products of different colors, then you need to select a property that determines the color, similarly, you need to do more in detail with other fields in the documentation.

Below there is an add. settings for unloading among which you need to enable the ones you need. If your product sizes are specified by options, you must enable the slider responsible for this setting.
There are additional conditions, for example: if you have a limited number of goods on the balance, then you can specify the quantity, below which the goods will not be transferred in quantity - goods less than 3

You can also indicate the value of the goods below or above which goods will not be transferred. Or a markup for the value of the item.

3) Setting properties - in this tab you can choose on. or off. transfer of certain properties, or set a specific name for the requirements of the unloading you need.

4) Category settings - here you need to specify the name of the category that uses the selected marketplace.

Example: you have a Home Furniture category on your site, but on the marketplace it is called Home Products, in order for the products to fall into the required category, it must be renamed.

We hope that this functionality will help you increase sales and simplify the work of your online store.

f you need another language version of the feed, then just insert the prefix you need into the url
Example: site.com/feed.xml site.com/ru/feed.xml


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08.02.2022, 17:37
Ошибка в статье:
В новой версии OkayCMS 4.2.0 мы добавили возможность создания фидов, у каждого шаблона есть свои надстройки под ! тебования ! принимающей стороны.
15.02.2022, 18:09
Роман, спасибо, исправили
20.12.2021, 12:42
Ошибка: тебования принимающей стороны.
20.12.2021, 21:23
Евгений, нужно больше деталей. Куда вы пытались выгрузить? Какие именно требования?
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