Comparison Joomla and OkayCMS

Table of contents
  1. Why is it better to choose OkayCMS?
  2. Cost and terms
  3. Creation of an online store with OKAYCMS
  4. Examples of online stores on OkayCMS
  5. Conclusions on comparing Joomla and OkayCMS

When working on your own website, a person or a company will have to make great efforts - only in this case, you can count on positive results and getting a really effective tool. One of the fundamental questions that has to be resolved even before starting to create a site will be how to decide on the most suitable CMS option. Next, we will compare two CMS: Joomla or OkayCMS, pay attention to the features of each of them.

Content management system Joomla provides users with the widest possible range of flexible customization and site management. This solution has both advantages and disadvantages. Thanks to Joomla, site owners have the opportunity to implement almost any solution, regardless of their level of complexity. Sites on this CMS can have a wide variety of functions and you can use a large selection of different templates. Of course, this CMS can be called universal, but its setup and support requires professional programmers, whose work is paid very high, without appropriate qualifications, it will be difficult for the user to work on Jumla.

Speaking about OkayCMS, it is worth noting that the capabilities of this CMS allow you to efficiently implement a wide range of tasks, so users can create sites of different directions. OkayCMS is especially well suited for developing online stores. Users who decide to choose OkayCMS for themselves can count on the following:

  1. Convenient admin panel containing all the necessary functionality, making site management as comfortable as possible.
  2. The ability to choose the appropriate version of the subscription with the appropriate tariffs and a wide range of available templates, which maximizes the potential of the site.
  3. The ability to integrate the necessary functions and codes on the platform, which opens up the opportunity for full optimization and promotion of the resource.

CMS functionality and capabilities

When deciding which CMS is better than Joomla or OkayCMS for you personally, take into account and compare the available functionality, as well as the capabilities of each of them. The table below will help you quickly do this.

Opportunities Joomla OkayCMS
Availability of documentation in Russian. + +
Ability to work with the built-in graphic editor + +
Ability to select a template from the built-in collection + +
The ability to implement and maintain plugins + +
Multilanguage availability + +
CNC setting and support function + +
Working with mailing campaigns + +
Batch File Upload Manager + +
Importing / exporting data + +
Keeping statistics of visits and preparation of relevant reports + +
Setting up and managing advertising campaigns in the admin panel + -
Work / use of feedback forms + +
Adaptation for the peculiarities of blogs + +
Built-in file manager + +
Creation of IM + +
Working with embedded payment systems + +
Exporting information and positions to Yandex Market + +
Configuring HTTPS Protocol + +
Languages Ru, En Ru, En, Ukr

Why is it better to choose OkayCMS?

It is true that today Joomla is a fairly popular, good platform for creating sites, which opens up the possibility of using various marketing solutions and allows you to implement the necessary functions on the site. At the same time, a fairly large number of private users and companies prefer OkayCMS, what prompts them to do this? Let's pay attention to several advantages of OkayCMS that deserve serious attention:

  1. Flexible payment system. There are several license options in OkayCMS, which allows you to choose just such a configuration and CMS that will fully satisfy the user's needs.
  2. Although OkayCMS is well suited for creating various websites, it is especially focused on online stores. There are many services that allow you to fully realize the potential of online commerce.
  3. Flexible and fast site customization: from the introduction of the necessary blocks on the page, to the beautiful layout of the content - OkayCMS allows you to implement the most complex tasks when developing a site.
  4. Convenient and intuitive admin panel. Users, even with no programming experience, will quickly figure out where to click to execute specific commands or get the reports they need.
  5. Availability of documentation in Russian and Ukrainian, which greatly simplifies the process of setting up and installing the site.
  6. Launching the site with its configuration on the server in 5 days.
  7. Monitoring of the purchased product 24/7, which allows you to quickly eliminate possible difficulties in the operation of the site.
  8. Regular release of updates to improve the site's performance and security.
  9. The work of the support service, which allows you to solve possible difficulties.

Cost and terms

When deciding what to choose Joomla or OkayCMS , you need to take into account the issue of the cost of the site on each of the considered CMS. Although the base price of a Joomla site is quite affordable - about UAH 15,000, it is worth remembering that most of the additional functions are paid, which can significantly increase the final cost of the site. Thus, the customer cannot fully know what budget will ultimately be required for the creation and launch of the site. In addition, many owners of sites on Joomla faced the fact that the process of improvements took months - this had a negative impact on business activities.

In the case of OkayCMS, the situation looks much more attractive. It takes up to 5 days to create and configure an online store, after which the site will be fully operational and you can start selling immediately. In order for customers to be convinced of the convenience and efficiency of this CMS, a trial period is provided, during which you can fully test the site.

  1. OkayCMS Pro + - 600 $ / 3 days.
  2. OkayCMS Pro is free.

Creation of an online store with OKAYCMS

Examples of online stores on OkayCMS

To make it easier for you to decide on a suitable CMS for yourself, we suggest looking at how various online stores made on OkayCMS look like.

Conclusions on comparing Joomla and OkayCMS

As the comparison of Joomla and OkayCMS shows, it is impossible to categorically state that one of these systems is exceptionally good, and the other is complete evil. If we talk about Joomla, it is true that a large number of sites exist and successfully operate on it today. In addition, this platform can offer users a huge selection of effective solutions and tools, thanks to which almost anything can be implemented on the site.

The serious disadvantages of Joomla include the fact that setting up a site, as a rule, requires serious knowledge of programming. If a person does not have such knowledge, he will have to use the services of freelancers or contact studios specializing in website creation - this can significantly increase the project budget. In addition, many extensions are paid, which also creates certain difficulties.

Speaking of OkayCMS, it is designed in such a way as to guarantee the website owners maximum functionality and comfort in their work. Having made the decision to opt for OkayCMS, you can count on the following:

  • Quick launch of the site: all work with the setup will take only 5 days.
  • The ability to choose the best license option, which opens up access to the full-fledged work of the site without overpayments.
  • Optimization of OkayCMS for the needs of online stores.
  • The ability to fully use promotion tools.

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