A new version of OkayCMS 1.0.3 has been released


Major changes:
- Made separate sitemaps (sitemap.xml) for each language version of the site
- Made the display of the price of the product in the autocomplete (drop-down list) when searching
- Fixed a bug in Variants.php that did not allow filtering by variant id and availability
- Added a description of how the button "Display pennies" works in the "Currencies" section
- Fixed a bug related to displaying a banner on various pages (thanks to the user korshunov for the identified error)
- Made it possible to set the number of posts on the blog page from the admin. panels
- Made various minor edits in the admin design. panels.

To update, you need to update the files in the folders:
ajax / search_products.php
api / Variants.php
api / Config.php
backend / SettingsAdmin.php
backend / design / css /
backend / design / html /
design / default / html / index.tpl
design / default_ru / html / index.tpl
view / BlogView.php

The update is also available on GitHub https://github.com/OkayCMS

What's planned for the next updates:
- Optimization of multilingualism
- Optimization of the code responsible for the work of promo images
- Expansion of statistics functionality
- Tighter integration with analytics systems
- Development and implementation of a standard adaptive template
- Development and implementation of an adaptive version of the administrative panel

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