A new version of OkayCMS 1.1.10 and OkayCMS 1.1.10 Lite has been released


The new version of OkayCMS 1.1.10 and OkayCMS 1.1.10 Lite includes the following changes:

Major changes:

Correction of the Yandex payment method.
Changes in the layout of the admin. panels (the add button has been redesigned, and the display of templates in different browsers)
Changes to the layout in the client's template (sometimes the fourth product was moved to the second line, the pop-up delete icon in related products was removed, the display of the side catalog was fixed if there was an inactive category in it)
Fixed bug filter by price if there is a product in the catalog with a price of 0
Added Ukrainian translations
Fixed vulnerability in admin. panels.

To upgrade from a previous version, it is enough to change the following files:

api / Config.php
backend / design / css / main.css
backend / design / css / style.css
backend / design / html / theme.tpl
backend / design / js / filemanager / dialog.php
design / default / html / cart.tpl
design / default / html / cart_purchases.tpl
design / default / html / features.tpl
design / default / html / product.tpl
design / default / html / tiny_products.tpl
payment / Yandex / Yandex.php
view / IndexView.php
view / ProductsView.php

The update is also available on GitHub https://github.com/OkayCMS

What's planned for the next updates:
- Optimization of multilingualism
- Expansion of statistics functionality
- Tighter integration with analytics systems
- Development and implementation of an adaptive version of the administrative panel
- Redesign of the commenting and feedback system.

Thanks to everyone who helped us in creating the new version of OkayCMS 1.1.10: users of the MaximKAA forum, korshunov , Crypter, the owner of the site http://luckytech.com.ua/, and everyone else who reported discovered comments and new wishes. Special thanks to user Crypter for providing the Ukrainian translation.

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