The new version OkayCMS 2.1.4


The new version of OkayCMS 2.1.4 includes the following changes:

Administrative panel:
- Added the ability to go to the previous / next order using the arrows in the order itself.
- When you enable the quick edit function and want to edit (page, product, product, etc.) when you are in an additional language, when you click on the pop-up link "Edit", it was transferred to the admin panel to the page with the default language version. Now a link is generated with the id version of the required language.
- TinyMCE text editor updated to the latest up-to-date version. It also includes several features that were disabled in previous versions.
- The "Translations" sub-item has been moved from the "Settings" section to the "Design" section, since the translations are still more related to the template, and not to the settings.
- If the template contains a locked file, then translations are also not available for editing.
- In the admin panel, now the "Apply" pop-up button appears on the product list page if the price or quantity of products changes.
- The amount of information that is displayed in the "System Information" tab has been expanded

Integration with 1C:
- Transliteration in the import file from 1C is reduced to the general form of transliteration that is used in the system.
- When importing goods from 1C with spaces at the end, now the URL is formed correctly, "-" at the end is automatically truncated.

SEO changes:
- Made a ban on creating in the admin. order panels without products, as well as when editing an order, if you delete all products from it, it will no longer be saved.
- Previously, pages in the switched off language gave the code 200 and if a link to them was added to the search engine, then duplicates could be indexed. Now pages of disabled languages return a response code of 503 and will not be included in the index of search engines.
- Previously, when switching the language on the filtering page, you could get to a page with a 404 error. Now, when switching the language on the filtering page, the user is transferred to the product category without filtering.
- Fixed a bug when, using manual manipulations with the URL, it was possible to get a page that gives a 200 code instead of a 404 error.
- Also fixed a very rarely reproduced error with incorrect URL formation under special filtering conditions.
- Correctly configured links that are specified in rel = "alternate"
- Fixed a micro-markup error

Other changes:
- Added a field to the database in which the date of the category creation is written. Can be used to display new categories when creating new templates (for example).
- Reduced the number of queries to the database to speed up the system
- Fixed the problem of incorrect display of text in the installer in some cases.
- The quality of the photo in the system is set to 100% by default.
- Changed the rules for validating the phone in the shopping cart when placing an order.
- Earlier, when the "Import" button was pressed with a missing file, an error was generated. This has now been fixed.
- Made a redirect from yandex.xml to feed.xml for those who are used to the old URL
- Changes made to config.php file to make it easier to build with Phing.
- Made correct display of the "For payment" button when using the "Interkassa" payment module
- Fixed bugs in style.css

Use GitHub to upgrade from a previous version   or contact those. support. Time required for updating by technical specialists. support - 30 minutes.

Comments 4
25.02.2018, 18:40
По поводу tinymce ожидаем ответа от разработчика tinymce. Если ответа не будет, то будем выпускать новую версию с более старым tinymce где такой проблемы нет.
25.02.2018, 15:14
Просьба решить проблему с tinymce ( загрузка картинок). очень непродуктивно теперь((
09.02.2018, 14:56
Да, мы в курсе, мы работаем над этим. Скачайте сейчас шаблон, для 2.1.3 он был уже адаптирован.
09.02.2018, 14:55
Просьба не забывать адаптировать шаблоны до последней версии. В них плывёт вёрстка! (например в бесплатном)
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