1. Software products developed for the OkayCMS framework (hereinafter “Products”) represent the source codes of programs reproduced in files or on paper, including electronic or printed documentation, as well as the text of this license agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”).
  2. The purchase of paid Products or the installation of free Products indicates that the User has read the contents of the Agreement, accepts its provisions and will use the Products in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.
  3. The Agreement enters into force upon receipt of the Products by electronic means of data transmission.
  4. All copyrights to the Products belong to the developer of the source code (hereinafter the "Developer"). The products as a whole or individually are subject to copyright and are protected by law. Use of Products in violation of the terms of this Agreement is a violation of copyright laws and will be prosecuted in accordance with applicable law.
  5. Products are supplied "AS IS" ("AS IS") without warranty of performance, purchasing power, data integrity, or other express or implied warranties. The developer does not bear any responsibility for causing or the possibility of causing harm to the User, his information or business due to the use or inability to use the Products.
  6. This Agreement gives the right to use one copy of paid Products installed on only one copy of the OkayCMS framework. This copy of the Products is allowed to be used on an unlimited number of subdomains attached to one domain, which uses the OkayCMS framework. Any distribution of paid Products, including non-commercial, without the prior consent of the Developer, as well as transfer to third parties on a lease (sublease) basis is a violation of this Agreement and entails liability in accordance with applicable law. It is possible to create and use an additional copy of paid Products solely for testing purposes or to make changes to the source code, provided that such a copy is not available to third parties.
  7. Free Products are licensed under the LGPL and can be installed on any number of web servers without restriction. OkayCMS framework, starting from version 4.0 onwards, is free and distributed under the terms of the LGPL license.
  8. The User has the right to make any changes to the source code of the Products at his own discretion, except for renaming the Product and changing the Developer's identifier. In this case, the subsequent use of the Products must be carried out in accordance with this Agreement and subject to the preservation of all copyrights. If the User makes any changes, the Developer is not responsible for the performance of the changed Product.
  9. The developer is not responsible if the User is brought to administrative or criminal liability for using the Products for illegal purposes.
  10. Termination of this Agreement is allowed in case of deletion of all received files and documentation, as well as their copies. Termination of this Agreement does not oblige the Developer to return the funds spent by the User on the purchase of the Products.
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