О компании

The iSculptor studio has united specialists with 10 years of experience in web development and internet promotion. We do turnkey projects, we especially like to create and run online stores with taste and sense. In addition, we are engaged in complex Internet marketing from writing a strategy to its step-by-step implementation, mainly in B2B topics (in this we have tremendous expertise).

What are we doing perfectly and what are we ready to boast about?
- Development of online stores on OkayCMS (design, development, testing, launch, connection of analytics and other services for full-fledged online marketing),
- SEO-optimization and SEO-promotion on OkayCMS (SEO during website development, audit, optimization, linking, leading positions to the top or accumulating traffic on a given topic),
- Ads on GoogleADS (context, remarketing, shopping, video ads on GDN, video ads on YouTube),
- Advertising on FacebookADS (boosts, reach, retargeting, catalog customization, shopping),
- SMM and other content creation with creatives.

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