How to write a module for OkayCMS


We talked about a real example and showed on the video how to create a module from scratch, describing the entire process of writing and the logic of building code.

00:00:05 Module description
00:00:18 Module directory
00:00:57 Init module
00:02:05 Module admin panel
00:02:06 Backend module controller
00:03:22 Backend template with module description
00:03:57 Main module controller
00:04:26 Backend controller registration
00:04:46 Assign permission for backend controller
00:06:07 Creating a new permission
00:06:33 Module installation
00:07:10 Layout of the module admin panel
00:10:35 Functional part of the module
00:11:09 Adding fields to the database
00:13:16 Adding blocks to the design of the admin panel
00:13:43 Adding a form for uploading an image
00:19:45 Creating method extensions
00:23:33 Registration of extensions
00:28:03 Working with an external dependency in a class
00:28:50 Service registration and external dependency injection
00:30:35 Image saving
00:34:03 Adding a config file to the module
00:36:23 Creating directories when installing a module
00:38:11 Saving image to database
00:40:05 Image deletion
00:42:04 Registration of resizes
00:43:00 Entity field registration
00:45:23 Adding layout to the front / Module.json file
00:55:02 Writing a Smaty plugin
01:02:09 Adding translations on the front
01:04:02 Adding translations in the admin panel
01:06:12 Adding settings to the module / limiting the number of properties

The module itself is available for free download.


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