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One of the key features of OkayCMS and our pride is the presence of sophisticated SEO tools. System users know how much this functionality simplifies the life of specialists working with the site: SEO, programmer, content engineer. But we do not want to stop developing, so we simplify and improve our product.

1.seo products

Added the ability to set one default template for all categories.

Select a subcategory and write Auto Meta-title using variables

Next, we register Auto Mete-keywords, using the variables we need, for example ($ product, $ brand)

Fill in Auto Meta-description using variables.

Next, fill in Auto H1 and Product Description Template and click Apply.

The priority is as follows: first, meta tags and descriptions are taken from the template of a specific selected category, then from all categories, then from a specific product.

But with the description of the product, it turns out the opposite - the product has the highest priority.

3. SEO filters

A whole article has been written about the importance of OkayCMS CNC filters for promotion. And now the possibilities of automation have expanded significantly. You can set meta tags for these types of pages:

  • Category + Brand (Sneakers + Adidas)
  • Category + Property (Sneakers + Running)
  • Category + specific property (Sneakers + 38 size)

Go to the "SEO Filters" section, select a category on the left and parameters (Brand / Property + Specific Property) at the top, click "Add Template". At the bottom right, a block for metadata will appear, which needs to be filled.

Populating H1 using the variables

Filling in Auto Meta-title

The rest of the fields are filled in the same way and click apply

4. Strengthened optimization of properties:

Made it possible to set multiple property values, which will later be displayed separated by commas in the variable, and multiple property values.

On the page of any property, you can now add word forms: cases / synonyms / plural for a property, as well as for any property value, even in the case that you created earlier.

customizing forms and synonyms

These values can be used on the SEO filters page to generate metadata. To create a word form, you need to click on the "Add declension" button, enter in the left field the name of the grammatical form in which you will put the property: case, plural, etc. The middle field will be automatically filled with a variable, and then it will need to be inserted into the metadata of the filters. And in the right column you can enter the name of the property in the appropriate form.

For example: we have a property "cloth", in the filter metadata we want to use the plural form. To do this, go to the "Catalog" → "Properties" section, select "fabric", in the "Property synonyms / declensions" block, click "Add declension" and create a variable for the plural.

variable generation

Below there is a plate with the value of the properties. As you add forms and synonyms, the corresponding fields will appear for each value and can be completed as well.

property value forms

And when filling out the metadata template in the "SEO Filters" section, we can use our variable, which will be replaced with its value.

variable in category template

Comments 3
01.09.2018, 19:10
Баг в модуле "SEO Фильтров"
Если ввести в любую input строку текст в двойных кавычках "", содержимое после кавычек обрезается, как для Брендов, так и для Свойств.

Пример [Название движка "OkayCMS" версия 2.2.2] - после сохранения отображается (Название движка), все остальное обрезалось.

В [шаблоне описания] все норм, содержимое в кавычках остается.
31.08.2018, 11:01
Обязательно исправим это в новой версии системы
31.08.2018, 00:47
Баг в удалении шаблонов SEO фильтров.
1. Выбираем категорию (к примеру Смартфон) и добавляем шаблон (Категория + Бренд).
2. заполняем созданный шаблон.
3. Сохраняем внесенные данные.
4. Выбираем категорию (Смартфон) в которую добавили шаблон и пытаемся удалить шаблон.
Но после нажатия "Удалить шаблон" он исчезает, а после нажатия на кнопку сохранения (Применить), Шаблон снова отображается и не удаляется.

Аналогичная ошибка с удалением шаблонов свойств.
хотя если добавить несколько Бренд и несколько вариантов свойств, после сохранения, шаблоны успешно удаляются.
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