Comparison of 1C-Bitrix and OkayCMS

Table of contents
  1. Functional comparison of analogs
  2. Integration with other services
  3. Site speed and load
  4. Comparison of 1C-Bitrix and OkayCMS interfaces
  5. The cost of using alternative
  6. Site support on 1C-Bitrix and OkayCMS
  7. Conclusion about alternative CMS

Working on your own website is very responsible and requires making the most balanced decisions at the stage of choosing a CMS and developing a platform. Within the framework of this article, we will focus on the question: what to choose 1C-Bitrix or Okay CMS, we will pay attention to the features and advantages of each of these systems.

1C Bitrix is a fairly common platform for creating various commercial sites, online stores and other resources. This CMS provides for the possibility of simple integration with numerous third-party resources - this provides an opportunity for a business to work fully. As you can see from the CMS name itself, the functionality of a boxed product provides an opportunity to combine it with 1C-accounting and automate the work of various departments of the company.

Of course, 1C Bitrix has a lot of advantages and opportunities that it provides to the client. At the same time, there are certain limitations: the system needs a rather complex setup, and for its full use by managers, appropriate training and investment will be required - this requires a lot of time and money.

OkayCMS is perfectly adapted to the peculiarities and needs of e-commerce sites. A feature of this platform can be called ease of use and the fastest possible creation, as well as site customization. You do not need to maintain a whole department of programmers, since the site on OkayCMS is very easy to manage. Of the key advantages of OkayCMS, the following are worth noting:

  1. Fast website creation - 3-5 days.
  2. Guaranteed high level of security through regular updates.
  3. The ability to support the mobile version of the site.
  4. Availability of the necessary tools to ensure comprehensive SEO promotion.
  5. The ability to choose the desired access tariff, which will be optimal in terms of cost and will satisfy all your requirements.

Functional comparison of analogs

Feature / Feature Bitrix OkayCMS
Russian-language documentation + +
The ability to use the built-in graphic editor + +
Plugin support + +
Choosing templates + +
Multilingual + +
Built-in payment methods

You need to configure third-party services

YandexMoney, Webmoney, qiwi

Robokassa, Interkassa, PayPal

Payment by card through


From mobile phone account

Through the terminal, by credit card

CNC setting + +
Working with mailings + +
Ability to upload files in batch + +
Importing / exporting data + +
Using feedback forms + +
The ability to organize and use blogs + +
Using the built-in file manager + +
Connection of payment systems + +
Working with Yandex Market + +
Available languages Russian




Integration with other services

1C Bitrix integrates perfectly with numerous third-party services , thanks to which users get the opportunity to use the full potential of Internet marketing. Taking into account the peculiarities, the specifics of your own business, you can choose the most appropriate services and complete their full integration with your own website.

In terms of integration, OkayCMS is a great alternative to Bitrix. The positive difference of this content management system is that the developers have made every effort to provide the user with the maximum convenience and comfort of managing their own online store. You can get the information you need and easily set up integration with payment, delivery and other external resources.

Site speed and load

Website speed is considered one of the top indicators for SEO promotion and behavioral factors. If visitors have to wait a long time for the page to load, they will simply leave the site and go to your competitors.

Taking this into account, it is worth carrying out constant monitoring, control and improvement of indicators of the speed of work and site loading. Although both Bitrix and OkayCMS show very decent results in this matter, there are some differences . Taking into account the fact that 1C Bitrix is a very powerful CMS, site owners on this platform have to make every effort and real ingenuity to achieve good loading speed indicators. In contrast to this, OkayCMS is quite lightweight and initially more nimble content management system.

Comparison of 1C-Bitrix and OkayCMS interfaces

To decide on the choice of CMS, you should pay attention to the site interface - it directly depends on how convenient it will be to manage it and whether the complexity of executing elementary commands will not cause unnecessary problems.

Bitrix provides an opportunity to perform an almost unlimited number of manipulations on the site - you can find almost any information on reports in the admin panel and install the necessary modules . The complexity of management is that some changes on the site must be made in parallel in several places and without special knowledge and skills - this can be difficult.

The main page of sites on Bitrix looks stylish and modern. A distinctive feature is the fact that the responsive design is supported - the information is located completely and beautifully, regardless of the device used.

Sites on OkayCMS are as easy to use as possible - the admin panel is intuitive. Therefore, for the full use of the entire potential of the site, it is not necessary to have special knowledge or programming skills. The search for the necessary commands, modules and their high-quality setting will not cause any problems for users.

The main page, like the rest of the sections, of sites on OkayCMS looks stylish and modern. The adaptive design and high-quality layout make it possible to interest the visitor at first glance, and the ability to place all the necessary forms and buttons on the website page, using specially designed modules , increases the efficiency of the Internet resource.

The cost of using alternative

1C Bitrix provides ample opportunities for users, but you will have to pay a pretty high price for them. So, the basic license costs about 19,000 hryvnia, for the extended functionality you will have to pay up to 48,000 hryvnia. As a result, it turns out that a full-fledged effective site will cost about 68,000 hryvnia.

OkayCMS is more affordable, so this management system will be the best solution for starting an online sales business. At the same time, having opted for OkayCMS, you will be able to choose the best license format for yourself, which will satisfy the needs of your business. There are 3 license options:

  1. OkayCMS Pro is a universal option that will satisfy the needs of average online stores and is a free system with flexible and deep functionality.
  2. OkayCMS Pro + - this type of service offers turnkey store creation. In addition, by choosing it, your online store will be ready in 3 days. The cost is $ 600.
  3. Site support on 1C-Bitrix and OkayCMS

1C-Bitrix and OkayCMS offer users high-quality support and advice regarding the use of the site. 1C-Bitrix has a special website that already has a large collection of questions and answers on a variety of management system functions. And in the absence of the necessary information, the user has the opportunity to ask a personal question and get advice on it.

The online store management system OkayCMS also guarantees maximum convenience for users and their support. The blog on the company's website contains dozens of instructional articles on setting up various functions and capabilities of the system. In addition, site owners on OkayCMS have the opportunity to take advantage of a specialist consultation to get answers to their questions. Sites on OkayCMS are monitored 24/7 - this allows you to timely identify possible problems and fix them with updates.

Conclusion about alternative CMS

Indeed, as we mentioned at the very beginning of the article, a CMS can have a decisive influence on how effective a website will be. Bitrix is a popular system that includes the widest possible functionality, but this makes it quite expensive and difficult to manage for a person without appropriate education. 1C Bitrix analogs , which include OkayCMS, are also able to guarantee high-quality work of online stores.

Speaking about OkayCMS, it is worth noting that it is perfectly adapted to the needs and features of online stores, of the key advantages discussed in this article, in addition to being a free engine, we can note:

  1. A simple interface that allows you to manage the site without special education or skills.
  2. Adaptation to the needs of online commerce.
  3. A complete set of SEO tools.
  4. The ability to integrate with third-party services.
  5. Possibility of choosing a suitable license and a short time to create a site.
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Ребята, я создаю сайты с 1999 года. Видел все. После двух лет работы с Битриксом единственное, что мне хочется – это вас расцеловать. Продолжайте в том же духе.
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