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Table of contents
  1. OkayCMS simple and functional engine
  2. Magento popular engine
  3. System functionality
  4. SEO tools and modules
  5. CMS speed
  6. Usage rates and terms
  7. Why we offer OKAYCMS
  8. Let's summarize

In order for a certain person to have the opportunity efficiently and productively, its creation should be approached as responsibly and balanced as possible. The choice of the system that will be used when creating an online store deserves special attention. The fact is that a commercial platform specializing in the sale of goods or services should allow you to implement all the necessary functionality and be easy to use, both for administrators involved in maintaining and filling sites, and for customers of online stores. Many people and companies that are faced with the question of choosing the right CMS for themselves, analyze: what to choose Magento or OkayCMS. Let's compare the features and capabilities of these site engines.

OkayCMS simple and functional engine

OkayCMS is designed to create various types of sites, especially it is tailored to the needs of online stores. The OkayCMS functionality allows you to provide high-quality integration with popular third-party services, thanks to which you can effectively implement the delivery and payment functions. OkayCMS is designed in such a way that the sites on it practically do not need any improvements, and high-quality support and the release of automatic updates guarantee the resource's operability and excellent loading speed. The key advantages of OkayCMS include the following:

Absolutely free system for creating an online store with all the necessary functionality

  1. Full package of SEO tools.
  2. Multilingual system, which guarantees comfort in use.
  3. Availability of open source code, which opens up the possibility of any modifications and improvements.
  4. Intuitive admin panel, which does not require special skills.
  5. Technical support capabilities are built directly into the admin panel.
  6. Integration and compatibility with additional services.

Magento popular engine

  1. The ability to organize and manage search engine optimization.
  2. Tools to segment customers.
  3. Services that provide the ability to create targeted advertising campaigns.
  4. Ability to leave product reviews and create your own wishlists.
  5. Solves the problem of creating a mobile version of the site.
  6. Database backup capability.

System functionality

When deciding whether to stop your own choice on Magento or OkayCMS, you should compare the functionality of these systems and think over which one will best suit your tasks. The comparison table below will help you do this.

Function Magento OkayCMS
Availability of Russian-language documentation - +
The ability to run the built-in graphics editor - +
Availability of a selection of templates - +
Plugin availability and support + +
Multilingual capabilities - +
CNC - +
Organization of mailings + +
Batch upload capability - +
Exporting / importing data - +
Built-in visit statistics + -
Using Feedback Forms - +
Creation of blogs - +
Using the built-in file manager - +
Implementation of external payment systems + +
Working with Yandex Market - +

SEO tools and modules

Both presented site management systems are well adapted to the needs and features of SEO promotion, providing users with the maximum number of effective tools. The basic set of SEO tools is already installed in each of the systems. However, there are certain nuances. As you can see from the table above, there is no way to organize and customize the CNC in Magento. According to many CEOs, the lack of CNC slows down search engine optimization.

In this vein, OkayCMS wins noticeably. Having stopped your own choice on OkayCMS, you can count on the possibility of the most effective search engine promotion. OkayCMS provides:

  • Full customization of those. parts of the site.
  • Flexible work with content.
  • High-quality and comprehensive internal optimization.

CMS speed

When deciding which CMS is better than Magento or OkayCMS , it is necessary to analyze the speed of the sites that the CMS data can provide. Why is this metric so important? The fact is that today there is quite a lot of competition between the sites, which only increases every year. The speed of work is one of the main criteria that has a significant impact on the credibility of the site and its search engine promotion. So, the speed of loading and operation of the site is reflected in:

  1. SEO promotion.
  2. Behavioral factors.

Although each of the systems is quite fast, there are certain nuances. Magento is a large CMS that contains a large number of tools and features. This negatively affects the speed of work. To achieve good speed performance, a deliberate effort must be made to disable unnecessary modules and commands . This kind of work takes time and investment.

OkayCMS is characterized by the fact that it minimizes the number of unnecessary elements that are not necessary for the site to work. (Although, if necessary, additional features and parameters can be set). As a result, sites on OkayCMS work quite fast, while guaranteeing a full set of functionality. It should be borne in mind that work on improving the speed of the site should be constant - this is the only way to count on competitive advantages and opportunities for traffic growth, as well as improving positions in search results.

Usage rates and terms

When choosing a specific system for their own site, most people are interested in the cost that they can count on when working with one or another CMS. In the case of Magento, payment is made by subscription, the minimum price of which is $ 15. There is no free plan in the system, but users are given a trial period, during which they have the opportunity to test the system.

By stopping at OkayCMS, the user has the opportunity to choose the most optimal subscription for himself, the tariff plan of which will fully satisfy his needs. Depending on the estimated number of commodity items in your future online store, you can choose the appropriate subscription option. Company managers will help determine the system configuration that best meets the needs of users. There are the following types of subscriptions in OkayCMS:

  1. OkayCMS Pro is free.
  2. OkayCMS Pro + - 600 $ / 3 days.

Why we offer OKAYCMS

It is true that today there are quite a number of CMSs, many of which guarantee reasonably good performance indicators. We invite you to join more than 1000 sites already powered by OKAYCMS. There are many reasons prompting users to opt for OKAYCMS, below in the infographics are only a few of them.

Let's summarize

If you have to choose a CMS for your own website, the choice can be between Magento and OkayCMS, each of which is adapted and focused on the peculiarities of Internet marketing. Magento is today one of the most common systems for building site management, which is able to provide the user with almost unlimited functionality and promotion opportunities. The disadvantage of Magento is its size and large size. It takes a lot of effort, time and investment to set up and manage an online store in Magento. Not all the work can be done by a user without the appropriate education - this creates the need to hire specialists, which increases the project budget. In addition, Magento sites, for the most part, require constant improvements, for which you also need to be prepared.

OkayCMS is designed specifically for online stores and contains all the necessary functionality. The features of this CMS are the following:

  • Quick setup: in 3-5 days the site will be completely ready for use.
  • Convenient admin panel: no special education and skills are required for full-fledged work.
  • Large selection of templates: the ability to create a modern, efficient website.
  • A complete set of SEO tools: a guarantee of effective promotion and effective customer acquisition.
  • Affordable cost: you can choose the subscription plan that best suits your needs.
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