Comparison of WordPress and OkayCMS

Table of contents
  1. System functionality
  2. Site design
  3. Integration with other services
  4. Security level
  5. Cost of use and terms
  6. Site support
  7. findings

Creating your own website is a rather responsible and time-consuming process. To achieve the most positive results, it is necessary to think over and take into account a lot. One of the primary issues that deserves serious attention is the correct choice of CMS. In this article, we will compare the two platforms and try to figure out which one to give preference: WordPress or OkayCMS.

WordPress can rightfully be called a universal platform that is well suited for creating various types of sites. Today, quite a lot of online stores, blogs, corporate resources work on Wordpress. One of the key advantages of this CMS is multilingualism, the ability to install a lot of additional plugins and a fairly large functionality. One has only to take into account the fact that due to the large number of tools, WordPress can cause certain difficulties when used by people without special skills and knowledge - in order for the site on this system to work properly and at full capacity, it is recommended to use the services of a qualified programmer.

Having stopped your own choice on OkayCMS, you can realize almost all your wishes on the site. OkayCMS can be used to create various types of sites, and it has proven itself especially well in working with online stores. Among the important advantages of OkayCMS, special attention should be paid to the following:

  • The most user-friendly system with an admin panel that allows you to have convenient access to all the necessary functions.
  • The presence of all the necessary SEO tools, which guarantees the ability to qualitatively promote your own website.
  • The ability to select and install the required user interface and the most appropriate design, which will attract the largest possible number of customers and encourage them to take targeted actions.

System functionality

WordPress has many features and great potential for improvement. This circumstance allows you to implement almost any idea on the site. But a significant drawback of this engine is that it almost continuously needs improvements and improvements. Thus, WordPress is able to work properly and accurately under the condition of constant technical support - it is necessary either to have a qualified programmer on the staff, or to constantly use the services of freelancers.

OkayCMS is designed in such a way as to enable even an unprepared user in terms of programming to use the full potential of the system. For your convenience, a large number of modules are provided that will allow you to solve all sorts of tasks. The ease of installation and operation guarantees maximum site performance right from launch.

Site design

For an objective answer to the question: which CMS is better than WordPress or OkayCMS , personally for your project, you should pay attention to two main points regarding design and ease of resource management:

  1.       Admin panel.
  2.       The main page of the site.

WordPress is a system that has great technical potential and allows you to use just a huge number of functions, plugins, capabilities. On the Internet, you can find almost any necessary tool for WordPress, but to integrate and launch it, a whole team of specialists can often be required.

The home page of WordPress sites looks very attractive and can be equipped with all the necessary functionality. Thanks to a fairly wide range of tools, the user has the opportunity to use one permanent picture or organize a slideshow, and in Wordpress, you can easily place an interesting product for buyers right on the main page of the site.

When developing OkayCMS, functionality and ease of use were at the forefront. As you can see in the screenshot above, it is not difficult for the user to find the required command, there is no need to use additional or any special codes for launching the required commands.

As shown in the screenshot above, the main page, like all other sections of sites on OkayCMS, looks stylish and modern, the system allows you to integrate many additional elements, as well as achieve excellent loading speed and compatibility with various electronic devices.

Integration with other services

When deciding what to choose WordPress or OkayCMS, you need to carefully analyze the issue of integration with third-party services and resources. Integration often refers to two key areas:

  1. Payment systems.
  2. Delivery services.

WordPress is predominantly focused on the Western market - this is reflected in the issue of integration. In order to integrate national services on the site, it may require constant work of the programmer to resolve the inconsistencies that arise.

With OkayCMS, the situation is much simpler - this system is perfectly optimized for the national market, popular payment and delivery systems are already installed in it, and if new ones appear, updates are released in which the integration issue has already been resolved.

Security level

WordPress has a fairly low level of protection, so sites on this platform are often attacked by hackers. In addition, the fact that there are a large number of sites on this platform makes it interesting for hackers.

OkayCMS has a fairly high level of reliability. And the constant work on updates that users have the ability to download further contributes to the security and safety of confidential data.

Cost of use and terms

Although the base cost of WordPress is zero, you will definitely have to pay for the website design - about UAH 10,000 and advanced functionality - about UAH 20,000. As a result, to start a website, say an online store, you will need to spend at least 30,000 hryvnia on WordPress. To do all the necessary work and site settings, the programmer needs 1-2 months.

In the case of OkayCMS, a choice of several tariff plans is offered:

  1.       OkayCMS Pro - $ 295 license purchased
  2.       OkayCMS Pro + - an online store will cost $ 600, it will take 3 days to create it.
  3.   OkayCMS Lite - no payment, has limited functionality, but allows you to quickly start the work of the IM.

Site support

There is no support on WordPress, so all possible issues are entirely up to the site owner. This is especially dangerous given the fact that every new site definitely needs to be improved.

Websites on OkayCMS have excellent support, which guarantees:

  1. Possibility of getting advice on technical issues.
  2. Help on setting up the functions of the site.
  3. Error correction.
  4. Having your own cloud hosting.
  5. Monitoring of site work 24/7


In fact, it is impossible to overestimate the impact that the choice of the optimal CMS has on the operation and functionality of the future site. A distinctive feature of WordPress is that today this CMS is one of the most popular - a huge number of online stores, blogs, information resources and corporate sites operate on it. For a WordPress site to work accurately and correctly, you need constant programmer services. This system will be suitable for people who know how to program themselves or for companies that have a professional programmer on their staff.

Unlike WordPress, OkayCMS is aimed at users who do not have special knowledge and skills in website creation. Using this platform, you can count on:

  • Complete setup and launch of an online store within a few days.
  • Perfect adaptation to the conditions of the commercial market of Ukraine, Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union.
  • A complete set of essential SEO tools.
  • Excellent website support service.
  • You can implement almost any conversion form on the site, which will have a positive effect on the efficiency of the resource.
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