The new version of Okay CMS 3.7.1


In this version, we mainly made small fixes of the accumulated non-critical comments on the system.

- Added commented directive to .htaccess

Sometimes you may need to uncomment it for the correct work of updating data from Nova Poshta
- Redesigned the logic for selecting columns with properties for export to avoid a situation when not all product properties are exported by category during export
- Improved data validation for sending mail via SMTP
- Slightly improved the display of the admin panel when the product has many additional categories

- Fixed the display of the import button in the admin. panels
- Fixed incorrect display of banners in some cases on Safari
- Fixed display of blocks of advantages
- Removed the rating micro-markup in the articles, since Google no longer supports it
- Earlier in the Opera browser there was a problem that when entering the admin. the panel was not prompted to save the password. Fixed it
- Fixed a rare bug with changing the image scaling in the product.
- Fixed the situation when it was impossible to set the "hide single filters" checkbox to off in the catalog settings
- Fixed a bug with incorrect unloading of descriptions into XML modules
- Earlier, if you open the basket in two tabs and delete all products in one, and click to place an order in the other, we got to the order without purchases. We fixed this.
- Fixed the work of banner shortcodes
- Fixed a bug when changing currencies that did not allow changing the comma separator.
- Fixed problems with the theme , namely, the creation of a page with two characters in the URL and the correct link to the category when changing the formation of the URL

You can download the new version by following the link archive with changes compared to 3.7.0 by following the link You can also write through the "Technical support" section to order an update.

Comments 4
25.08.2020, 22:30
Когда будет обновления? не терпится :))
26.08.2020, 12:19
Шерзод, сегодня точно будет
12.08.2020, 00:30
Добрый день. Хороший новости WebP для изображений
12.08.2020, 10:07
Шерзод, да, в ближайшей версии это будет
06.08.2020, 12:47
Спасибо за ответ! А чего ожидать в этом обновлении?
06.08.2020, 12:56
Дмитрий, webP для изображений, конфиги для работы через nginx и по мелочи всякое
06.08.2020, 12:39
Добрый день. А когда планируется выход версии 3.7.2 или выше?
06.08.2020, 12:39
Дмитрий, добрый день. Надеемся недели через две выпустить 3.8.0
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