Вышла новая версия Okay CMS 3.8.1


- Fixed a bug when in GoogleMerchant goods out of stock were unloaded with the status "in stock"
- Fixed a bug when the name of the recommended product in the product was transferred to the wrong place (in microdata, bread crumbs and quick order)
- Fixed the work of the pop-up cart when removing the last item from it
- When the page is refreshed, the product preview does not jump anymore.
- Added animation styles for swiper slider (Fade Effect, Cube Effect, Coverflow Effect).
- Fixed micro-markup of product photos. Added itemprop = "image", accidentally removed from the previous version.
- Fixed bugs in the navigation (arrows) of the slider.
- In the quick order, the resize: vertical was removed from the order button;
- Fixed up button bug.
- In the admin panel in the directory settings, the indents of the buttons have been corrected.
- The link to the OkayCMS website has been removed from the copyright
- Added popup notifications when adding a product to favorites and comparison
- Improved layout of fields in the New mail module
- Fixed hyphenation of long words in the admin panel on the product comments page
- Optimized the code for connecting images
- Minor fixes for modularity on the backend

You can download the new version by following the link archive with changes compared to 3.8.0 by following the link You can also write through the "Technical support" section to order an update.

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