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Changes in the work of OkayCMS and recording a webinar (Ok CMS completely free system)

Table of contents
  1. OkayCMS 4 becomes OpenSource
  2. What about those who bought a license earlier?
  3. How to become an OkayCMS partner now and what will happen to old partners?
  4. How have the conditions changed for partners who develop add-ons to the marketplace?
  5. Access to add-on updates
  6. Changes to the technical support working conditions
  7. VIP service from OkayCMS specialists
  8. Enterprise development

On February 2, the release of the version of OkayCMS 4.0.0 took place

This release also globally changed the terms of use of the system, terms for partners and much more. But first things first. All this information is in the presentation video, the key points are also described in the text below.

OkayCMS 4 becomes OpenSource

From version 4 OkayCMS changes its license. The system is now distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
This means that the system itself is free, but it can be integrated into paid products. This allows developers to use it for free and at the same time take money from clients for developing sites on this system. This allows developers to create paid add-ons for this system. There will be no more division into Lite and Pro - OkayCMS will be distributed with full functionality and free of charge.

What about those who bought a license earlier?

If you bought in 2021, then we will offer you a choice. You can either get your money back, or get add-ons for this amount from our marketplace. To do this, write to us at from the mail to which the license was purchased.

If you bought earlier, then you will immediately be included in the list of partners who have a 10% discount on modules in our marketplace. There may be cases when we cannot correctly match personal accounts on the new version of the site, write in such cases to us by mail or chat, during the day we will add you to the corresponding group manually.

How to become an OkayCMS partner now and what will happen to old partners?

All partners who have purchased a license in the last two years as a thank you for supporting us during our formative years receive a maximum partner discount of 20% on our marketplace. Their pages will remain on our site and we continue to recommend them as developers on our system.

In order for new developers to become our partners and get to a separate page on our site, they need to develop a site on OkayCMS and add it to the portal After that, send information about the added site to us, and after checking we add a new partner to our site.

If you just want to purchase add-ons on OkayCMS and, after accumulating a certain amount, receive a discount on all subsequent purchases, you just need to register on our website.

How have the conditions changed for partners who develop add-ons to the marketplace?

There are two changes in this part.
First. All partners now receive not 50%, but 70% of the price of each sale of their add-on in our marketplace.
Second. If earlier the partner received% of the price for which he put the add-on for sale, now he will receive a percentage of the real cost of his sale. Let me explain with an example. If earlier the partner made an add-on and put it up for sale for $ 50, then he received $ 25 from each of his sales. Now he will receive $ 35 when selling this add-on to a new user and $ 50 * 80% * 70% = $ 28 when selling to a partner who has a 20% discount on add-ons from the marketplace.

Access to add-on updates

Now the download link for the add-on is issued for 6 months. All this time the buyer can download the module and all its new versions. After six months, the download link will stop working. The module will be working, but if its updates are needed, it will need to be purchased again with a 50% discount. In the near future, in your personal account, near the link for downloading the module, it will be indicated how long this link will be active and how to renew it.

Changes to the technical support working conditions

Since the system becomes free, technical support from our specialists becomes paid. You can write from the admin in the same way. panels, our specialists will evaluate each ticket and issue an invoice for payment. After payment, the works from the ticket will be performed. Technical support will have the right to take on more tasks, and not only deal with system updates. Now technical support specialists will be able to install and update modules and templates for you, as well as develop simple modules for you. The only thing is that technical support will deal with the layout only according to the provided layouts.

Those users who now have the accrued technical support time due to the purchase of a license earlier, or who purchased the technical support time separately, will be able to use this time to order technical support services, but they will not be able to buy new TP hours, and after their current TP time ends, they will also go to the general scheme with pay for tickets.

VIP service from OkayCMS specialists

We now have a separate service "VIP service"
Our specialists will take the site on OkayCMS for maintenance.
We will take on the tasks of stable site performance at any time, creating backups, installing modules and providing consultations on the operation of the system. Clients with the " VIP service " service will always be the first in line for any answers and agreed improvements, for each of them a separate chat will be created, in which any questions about the site will be promptly resolved.

Enterprise development

The OkayCMS team is ready to take on large projects with interesting tasks for development and further support from time to time. This allows us to be closer to our clients, to see how the development process takes place on our system, and to improve our CMS when faced with real problems of our customers. This service is not a priority for us, but if you really have a cool project in your plans that will become the market leader - contact us.

Comments 3
17.02.2021, 11:16
Как обновиться с v.3.8.1 на 4-ку?
19.02.2021, 15:41
Виктор, напишите в техподдержку, или воспользуйтесь сравнением изменений версий
06.02.2021, 16:16
Добрый день!
Подскажите, если установлена версия v.3.8.1 и куплен шаблон из маркетплейс:
1) нужно ли обновиться до версии 4.0?
2) подходит ли под нее шаблон и модули от версий 3.0+ ?
07.02.2021, 21:37
Андрей, да, лучше обновиться. Шаблон лучше подождаь пока обновят. В основном он подходит, но тот же личный кабинет там не заверстан.
05.02.2021, 00:39
Добрый день. А когда ожидать версию 2.4?
05.02.2021, 10:59, недели через две
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