Golden OkayCMS 2.2.3 update


The vacation season is over, all the developers have returned to the office, and now we are ready to show you a new build of OkayCMS. As always, the update is based on useful features and your wishes. Meet OkayCMS 2.2.3!

What has been added, updated and improved:

  1. Added the id of the main category and the main image to the main product table (ok_products). Now, to get the main photo of the product (for example, in the basket), you do not need to pull all the images from the base, you just need to take the main photo by its ID. It's the same with the category.
  2. Now you can set resize for banners.
  3. On the brand page in the new version, links of the categories in which it is presented are displayed, as well as a filter by brand.
    new brand pages
  4. Updated autocomplete in the admin panel at the request from the forum .
  5. In sitemap.xml, non-commodity site pages are displayed.
  6. Made a count of child categories count_children_visible, which counts the number of included subcategories.
  7. In previous versions, the presence of child items in the menu was indicated by an arrow.
    arrow in the menu It was displayed even when all sub-items were turned off. In OkayCMS 2.2.3, we added a count of active child items. The scoring method is combined with the scoring method for categories.
  8. JQuery library updated to version 3 for the client template.
  9. Translations for the quick edit panel are now taken from the admin panel,
    fast transfers

but they are activated together with the language of the administration panel itself in the manager settings.
translations in the admin area

What has been fixed:

  1. Multilanguage works correctly. There is no more Russian language menu error in English version.
  2. CMS is now easily installed on REG.RU hosting.
  3. The restriction on displaying only the first 100 brands in the product card in the admin panel has been removed.
  4. Fixed JS connection in the admin panel described on the forum: .
  5. The pages of the disabled brands will no longer be available via a direct link.
  6. SEO filter templates are now free to remove and do not appear after saving.
  7. Fixed a bug in the SEO filters module, whereby the text after double quotes (") was removed in any input string for brands and properties.
  8. The code was optimized as per a comment on the forum: .
  9. AJAX sorting by price on filter pages now works.
  10. The system assumed property values 0.0001 and 0.001 to be the same. The problem was fixed.

To upgrade from a previous version, use GitHub or contact technical support. The required time for updating by technical support specialists is 10 minutes.

Comments 4
12.11.2018, 10:46
Dev, спасибо за замечание, в следующей версии учтем
12.11.2018, 08:41
5. Страницы выключенных брендов уже не будут доступны по прямой ссылке. — Но будут доступны в sitemap.xml
03.10.2018, 10:54
Если у вас Pro версия - напишите нам на почту
03.10.2018, 00:49
Ребята, я в шоке) Вы так быстро обновляете версии) Молодцы) Я все еще 1.2.3 =( Как мне обновить систему?
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