OKAYCMS is a completely free system for creating an online store with unlimited possibilities and open source.

With the help of our CMS, you can create an absolutely free online store with all the functionality to get started, and thanks to the open source code, you can modify it to fit your needs.


Which version of OKAYCMS should I choose?

If you have not worked with OKAYCMS before and are just planning to start using the latest available version for download (4 *)
System version 2 * is no longer supported
System version 3 * it was a paid version under a license
System version 4 * is the last active version that we develop and support, it is distributed absolutely free of charge.

More details about why the system became free can be found at the link

What are the system requirements for OkayCMS?

  • RAM not less than 192 MB;
  • Databases - MySQL 5+;
  • Web server —Apache 2.2.x. A bunch of Apache 2.2.x and nginx (frontend) is recommended;
  • PHP 7.2+ (but not 8) with JSON, cURL, php_zip, GD lib, mysqli, imagick libraries installed;
  • The server file system allows you to create and delete files from php scripts within the site directory.
  • What is OkayCMS written on?
  • OkayCMS is written in the PHP programming language, HTML, CSS markup language, SMARTY template engine is used.


Installation instructions

Unpack the downloaded archive and upload its contents to the server, to the root directory of your site. Go to http: // site domain / install / to run the installer.

Detailed instructions for installing the system on hosting by the link

Work documents

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version 4.2.1