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Hidden categories for unregistered users

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Module Description

This module allows you to hide the categories selected by the administrator from unregistered users. This feature is useful when registered users have different prices for an item, or your store has categories that are only available to suppliers.

When trying to go to one of the hidden categories, an unregistered user will see a notification that first you need to register on the site.

Hidden categories are selected and configured in the module settings.

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This module allows you to select products by adding them to the "Sales Hits" of a certain category. Using the module "Popular products in the category", the online store will be able to more successfully promote and sell the desired product to customers who are really interested in buying the product in the appropriate category.

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With the help of this module, the owners of the online store will be able to select certain brands of goods for the client in each category.

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Using the module, when unloading, you can hide unwanted properties of a product from its map on the site in one click.

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