Last name field

Module Description

The revision adds, along with the "First Name" field, a new "Last Name" field, which enters the database and is displayed in the system wherever it is necessary, namely:

User part:

  • Checkout page (shopping cart)
  • New user registration form
  • User's personal account
  • Email order notification

Administration panel:

  • List of orders
  • Checkout page
  • User list page
  • Individual user page
  • Email order notification
  • Search by last name has been added to order search
  • Search by last name added to user search
  • Search by last name has been added to the search for a registered user on the checkout page

Installation instructions:

  1. Make changes to the appropriate files. All changes are marked with the comment vedastudio_surname
  2. Make changes to the database using SQL query from file 1DB_changes / vedastudio_ surname.sql

Note: The instruction assumes that the add-on is installed on a pure OkayCMS with a standard template. For a store with modified code, the installation process may be different.

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* Important! This module works correctly with the default template. In other templates, changes in files may be required for the module to work correctly. In this case, you need to write in those. support from the admin panel of your site, this work will be evaluated separately if you did not pay for the service of installing the module.
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  • Bank transfer
  • Privat 24
  • WebMoney


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Watch demo

XML feed for Yandex.Announcements for OkayCMS 2

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0 $
40 $
Watch demo
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