ChangeLog версии 4.0.1

  • Made a separate canonical setting for pagination, and a separate one for filters. This functionality is described in more detail in the article.
  • Made the data set through the product SEO section apply to products in child subcategories
  • Made in the admin. panel in the list of user groups the figure "Number of users" with a link to the list of users in this group. We also made the number of the user's orders a link to the page with all orders of this user.
  • We made a display of the surname in the list of orders in the admin. panels. We also added the last name field to the search by orders, to the order history and to the print of the order.
  • Added display of the system version in the header. We made a different display of this information, depending on whether the latest current version is currently being used or not.
  • We made it so that the product page with a certain selected option can now be opened by adding the url via / id of this option. For example, like this Previously, such pages were generated via a get parameter like ? Variant = 285, but not all services accepted links with get parameters. Variant pages have a rel = "cannonical" attribute that points to the main page of that product. If a product does not have an option with such an ID, then such a page will give a 404 error. I also remind you of the old functionality, if you add a / ID option to the URL at the end, such a product will be added to the cart. Example,
  • We made sure that the price in kopecks is not transmitted to the feeds if prices are rounded to an integer on the site.
  • To customize synchronization with 1C, you can now declare the Okay \ Modules \ OkayCMS \ Integration1C \ Integration \ Export \ Overrides \ <Class> class for the required class (ImportOffers, ImportProducts, ImportOrders) and if this class exists, the system will use it. These classes can be inherited from standard import classes and replace only some of the methods of the base class. Also with export.
  • Updated the quick order module taking into account the latest system improvements
  • Rewrote methods for working with cart and CartHelper
  • Improved the work of the number validation library when specifying an incorrect number
  • Removed unnecessary directives from the ok_settings table, which were dragged from old versions.
  • Added validation to okay.js when changing a variant
  • Fixed a duplicate product error described on the forum in the topic
  • Fixed a bug with unloading the template description of goods into feeds, if the template description is set by default for all categories
  • Fixed search for products in the admin. panels for the correct addition of recommended products
  • Fixed a bug of authorization via social. network described on the forum
  • Fixed OpenGraph markup on hit pages, new products and promotional products
  • Fixed errors that were issued when installing the system on OpenServer described on the forum in the topic
  • Fixed displaying an error when a manager was created that did not have any rights.
  • Now, when changing the language on the author's page and the category of the block, it is thrown to the same page. Previously, it was thrown to the main page of the site
  • We fixed an issue where sometimes an error occurred in the admin when the active module was turned off. panels
  • Fixed an error that occurred when deleting an item from an order
  • Fixed a problem with deleting order statuses
  • Fixed the situation when in comparison there are products without properties - then all properties were displayed in the comparison table
  • Fixed a problem with the type of scripts that are generated automatically. This previously caused a number of console errors in some browsers.
  • Fixed several translations that, when edited, wrote Notice in the logs
  • Fixed search on the "Marketplace" page in the admin. panels
  • We fixed the situation when, when the URL of an article in the blog was specified incorrectly, the first time such an article was saved, it was not saved.

You can download the new version by following the link archive with changes compared to 4.0.0 by following the link You can also write through the "Technical support" section or through the form on the "Support" page to order an update by our specialists.

Comments 4
27.02.2021, 10:20
Если 4.1 не установил обновления 4.2 встанут ?
27.02.2021, 10:21
Андрей, да, будут работать
26.02.2021, 17:53
OkayCMS, это я вижу. Смысл в том что теперь не посмотреть изменения в версии 4.0.1 по сравнению с 4.0.0.
25.02.2021, 17:24
А есть интрукция по обновлению? Как обновиться?
26.02.2021, 12:54
Алмас, залейте все изменения из диффа к себе най сайт и выполните запрос в БД, который находится в папке 1DB_Changes
25.02.2021, 07:21
А что с репозиторием на GitHub? Как теперь посмотреть изменения по сравнению с прошлой версией?
26.02.2021, 12:52
Dev, мы перенесли разработку сюда
Сравнения вы можете глянуть в диффе
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