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ChangeLog версии OkayCMS 4.3.1


Нова версія Okay CMS вже доступна. Усі архіви зі змінами.

  • Added the ability to turn off the display of a specific property in the product (take a screenshot from the admin panel) 149
  • Expanded the functionality of cleaning the directory in the settings. Now you can clear categories, products, properties, brands or blog posts separately (take a screenshot from the admin panel) 150
  • Improved New Mail module. Added a drop-down list of branches in the admin panel in the order, added the multilingualism of the word "We calculate", made a search for cities from two words, added a default value in the settings, replaced the API key, added the ability to expand the module from other modules. 161 219
  • Added the ability to create an automatic table of contents for categories based on H1-H6 tags (as in blog articles) (take a screenshot from the admin panel) 164 179
  • Added an additional "Save and Exit" button for some entities. (take a screenshot from the admin panel) 166
  • Made the visitor's shopping cart now stored in a cookie for one month. 167
  • For the g:product_weight field, the unit kg was added without which there was an error in the feed for Google Merchant 174
  • The search has been improved. Now you can search for products that have the following characters in their name: , . " ' (dot, comma, single and double quote) 175
  • We made it so that when switching the option, the color of the price also changes accordingly to red if there is a discount, and to black if not. 208
    Minor text edits in the admin panel 145 156
  • Improved the work of the response letter to the user on the comment in debug mode 146
  • The quick order functionality has been improved so that it can be extended from other modules 147
  • The instruction in module 1C 148 has been expanded and described in more detail.
  • Fixed incorrect integration with 1C 151
  • Fixed the logic during the formation of an array of the number of transliteration elements for a certain property. 152
  • Expanded sorting functionality in the core so that it can be changed from third-party modules 153
  • Fixed language switcher on blog category pages 154
  • Added breadcrumbs to brand pagination pages. 155
  • Fixed brand markup in product micromarkup 157
  • Corrected the link to the brand page when using pagination 160
  • Minor layout fixes 162 163 168 173 204 205 206 207 209 210 211 212
  • Improved the admin's ability to beautifully format comments to orders. 165
  • Fixed a bug if the column filter received null value 170
  • Expanded the ability to work with a personal account from third-party modules 174
  • Fixed an issue where the link to products was broken during auto-completion in the search. 172
  • Fixed work of TinyMCE text editor on PHP 8 176
  • Fixed a situation when properties without values ​​were displayed in the filter and from them it was possible to get to the page with 404 error 177
  • Changed the logo of the LiqPay payment method to the current one. 178
  • Fixed the problem that if the prefix setting (brand_routes_template__default) was not saved in the database, then the address of the brand page was formed incorrectly (there is an incorrect link on the page of all brands and in the admin panel in the brand card) 186
  • Added for example the debug mode call address for this email template 187
  • Changed obsolete url. roure in opensearch functionality 188
  • Added conditions at some points in the code to check for the presence of required variables. 189
  • Made correct handling of the situation with syntax and other errors in the structure of module.json files 190
  • Removed the block shift effect after hiding the block in the admin panel in the product card in the block with pictures so that the layout does not flash when loading the admin page.  191 192
  • Made it possible to correctly intercept and modify the object when sending mail PHPMailer 193
  • Made it so that scripts for inactive modules are not connected 194
  • Commented out some styles and scripts locally and inserted links to download a remote resource from cdnjs, which should speed up page 195 loading a bit
  • Added a connection point for modifications of category filters for more convenient connection of modules when expanding the logic of filters 202
  • Fixed error sending response to feedback request.
  • The logic of displaying the layout of some letters has been improved for viewing and ease of debugging and layout 213
  • The import logic has been changed, which should allow solving problems with changing the url when importing in different languages ​​214
  • Added a link in the admin panel in the order card to go to the product page 216 on the site
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14.10.2022, 12:56
Як правильно оновити систему? Можете прикріпити документацію або відео? Дякую!
17.10.2022, 12:54
Павло, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXFs0Yo8L-o&t=2s
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