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The Chief Executive Officer is the ideological mastermind of the “heart” of our engine, which sets the rhythm for the whole team and supports all processes.

I love work: it captures me entirely. I can sit for hours and watch others work :)

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Изменения работы покупки модулей
Changes in the work of OkayCMS and recording a webinar

On February 2, the release of the version of OkayCMS 4.0.0 took place

This release also globally changed the terms of use of the system, terms for partners and much more. But first things first.


Our notes and impressions of the event

Competitor dumping? Find a solution: 35 tips
Competitor dumping? Find a solution: 35 tips

Competition is, of course, the engine of trade. But when there is not enough imagination to advance honestly, ideas like dumping come to mind. You can understand and forgive those who did not go well, and they want to somehow sell out and recoup their investment, but they no longer pose a threat to the future. Regarding - beginners who need to get into an already formed market. But there are citizens who are deliberately guided by such a strategy: they copy other people's developments and lower prices, believing that since others have it, they will come in twice with an underestimated cost.

Online store on OkayCMS and Law 54-FZ. How to work with KKT correctly?

The main requirement of the updated law concerns online stores. For OkayCMS users, we have a ready-made solution - integration with the WalletOne payment service (One Checkout). The module works according to the following scheme: 1. the buyer pays; 2. the payment system sends information to the fiscal data operator (OFD); 3. The OFD returns the check data back to the payment system

A new version of OkayCMS 2.0.2 has been released

Major changes:

- Added a system information page to the admin panel
- Introduced new social buttons. networks (connected with the blocking of VK in Ukraine)
- Added the ability to give or remove the admin from the user. panels all access rights with one click
- Added admin user access setting. panels to support section
- New blog entries are now enabled by default
- Added translations of errors in the admin. panels
- The brand name is now displayed in the client side of the product
- Added the ability for the administrator to leave a note to the request for a call back.
- Added the ability to mark the request for a call back unprocessed again. (Pro version only)
- Removed redirect to password.php file from .htaccess
- Added the display of the percentage discount from the coupon in the cart and placed order
- Improved email validation when ordering
- Added check for displaying the number of categories in properties
- Added the ability to load the site logo from the admin panel.
- Fixed work of select in payment methods
- Fixed bug in import https://forum.okay-cms.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=432
- Added comments to the admin layout. panels
- Fixed display of lists in Safari
- Added translation ID in languages inside translations
- Increased the description field in the editor

How to upgrade to OkayCMS 2. * version?
How to upgrade to OkayCMS 2. * version?

Paid and free services for updating the CMS version to OkayCMS 2. * are provided by OkayCMS specialists.

Release of the new version of OkayCMS 2.0
Release of the new version of OkayCMS 2.0

Here is the release of the long-awaited version   OkayCMS 2.0.   The new version is the foundation for all future improvements, so we approached its implementation with all seriousness.

Open beta testing OkayCMS Pro 2.0
Open beta testing OkayCMS Pro 2.0

As promised, we are posting the beta version of OkayCMS Pro 2.0 for open testing.

Beta version of OkayCMS Pro 2.0
Beta version of OkayCMS Pro 2.0

Today we have released the long awaited beta version of OkayCMS Pro 2.0. The archive with the installation files was sent to a closed subscriber base wishing to touch the new OkayCMS.

To be honest, OkayCMS before and after are two big differences. We have implemented a large amount of functionality.

Now the CMS is at the stage of revision. Stable version OkayCMS Pro 2.0   will be ready   to the official release in early June. For those who want to join beta testing

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