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How to create a stream of new customers by means of surveys


How to create a stream of new customers using surveys

Do you like taking tests? I am sure that almost everyone will give a positive answer. Various tests and polls are found everywhere. And not only in professional but also in everyday life. We are tested to confirm our theoretical skills and knowledge. Or simply, purely out of curiosity. For example, to find out how compatible with your significant other.

Did you know that the passion for passing tests, inherent in almost all of us, can be turned into a stream of new customers.

Do you want to know how to do it? Then read the article to the end.

The tool that I’ll tell you about now is called Quiz Marketing. What is this anyway?

Translated from English "quiz" means a question, quiz, test. This is a game that does not require any prior preparation. From a marketing point of view, a quiz is a customer acquisition tool based on surveys and quizzes. This direction is called quiz marketing.

At the same time, they, quizzes, do not force the site visitor to immediately leave contact information. To begin with, the quiz grabs the attention, and then, using the capture form, it picks up the visitor's contact information. Quizzes cover important and most interesting topics of the site visitor. Therefore, they are clickable and perceived positively.

Let's take a closer look at the mechanism of work of quizzes, which is based on 2 principles:

    • Passion for passing tests.
    • Feeling incomplete (wanting to know the test result).

Imagine the situation. You read any magazine and in it you come across a test where you are asked to find out your type of character. Or assess your abilities and inclinations. And the main thing is that the test will be interesting to you and fully correspond to your interests. And all because they (tests) are selected directly under the subject of the publication you are reading. It is unlikely that you will come across a commercial risk test in Glamor magazine. Conversely, you will not find a partner compatibility test in a business magazine.

Each person will want to know the answer to the question that interests him. Therefore, it is safe to say that we are all interested in passing the tests.

I can give you an example from the life of our company. One of our employees, Anastasia, came across a vocabulary test, which she shared with employees in the Telegram chat. Each employee passed it) Everyone was interested to know how much they speak Russian. How large is their vocabulary. The chat was seething with activity! Everyone shared their results.

Our love of testing is a beacon that can be easily controlled. And the main thing here is a competent approach that will yield certain results. Namely, the contact details of potential customers. Feedback. And in order to achieve them, the second principle is applied: curiosity and a desire to know the result of the test - a feeling of incompleteness.

How does it work and where is it applied in quizzes?

For clarity of the picture, I propose to present one more situation.

You are taking an online course to increase website sales. Today you are going to take part in the next webinar, where the sales guru will speak and share his practical experience. And in the midst of you, when maximum involvement is required from you, your child comes running to you and asks for urgent help. He cries, begs you to help find the missing puzzle, which has fallen through the ground. Well, nowhere is it. But you, according to the child, have an excellent talent for finding missing things at home) And after a couple of minutes you turn on Sherlock Holmes and go in search of missing pieces, puzzles.

How do you feel at this moment? The discomfort. From the fact that in the midst of you had to break away from watching a cool webinar, which will not be recorded. And you are haunted by an irresistible desire to watch the webinar to the end.

By the way, your child is experiencing the same feelings. He, too, due to the prevailing circumstances, could not complete what he had begun. We have dealt with the feeling of incompleteness. But how does this help us collect feedback on the site?

For example, you have a beauty salon and you specialize in nail and eyelash extensions. On the home page of your site, you invite your visitors to find out which build-up is right for them.

And after the interested girls consistently answer several questions, instead of the result, they are invited to leave their e-mail or phone number to find out the result of the survey.

Since the girl passed the test and spent her time on it, it is much easier for her to leave her email and find out the test result than to leave the site with nothing.

This is how quizzes allow you to collect information (customer needs) and get contact information. We got acquainted with the basics of quiz marketing. Next, let's look at how to make a quiz effective.

Typically, quizzes include 3 main components:

  1. Name (title)
  2. Content (test questions)
  3. Data capture form
It is important to remember that our main task is to attract the attention of the site visitor and take his contact information from him. Therefore, all components should be fairly simple and straightforward.

Most visitors will first pay attention to the title of the test. Since it is he who determines the further actions. Therefore, the respondent must clearly understand what he needs to do and what he will receive for it, what is his benefit. For instance:

Answer 4 questions and receive a certificate for 500 rubles to our beauty salon as a gift. I do not think that any of the girls will pass by such a proposal. Only 4 questions and a lucky ticket to a beauty salon in her pocket)

The header is ready. Let's move on to the basics - the questions of our quiz.

To get the most out of your questions, take note of the following rules:

  • Analyze conversations with customers. Write out frequently asked questions.
  • Visualize a quiz - add pictures.
  • Keep it simple. Avoid complex phrases and terms.
  • If you cannot do without complexities and terms, add explanations.
  • Do not pull the rubber: the optimal number of questions in a quiz is 4-5. There should be so many of them that a person does not get tired of answering them.
  • Questions should be aimed at identifying the needs of the client.


Only 6 simple rules will allow you to get the desired result when using the quiz on the site.

Remember that the main purpose of the quiz is to collect contact details. So don't forget about the grip shape. In which you don't need to improvise. Need an email? It will be enough 2 lines, where clients will enter their name and e-mail.
If the main goal is to get a phone number, then instead of an e-mail line, use a line with a phone number.

Quiz is a simple marketing tool that makes the job of managers much easier. It also increases the level of loyalty of site visitors, since the quiz is not perceived as an advertisement.

Specialists can help you in creating and installing quizzes on the site. Or you can do it yourself using ready-made constructors. One of which is EnvyQuiz .

Use the Envybox promo code and get a month of free use of Envybox services.

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