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  1. Site appearance and work with design
  2. Cost of use and terms
  3. Site support
  4. Startup process
  5. findings

Before a person or a company that has made the decision to create their own website, there is an important question: which of the existing CMS to choose? For the people we work with, the choice is often: OpenCart or OkayCMS? In order to objectively understand this issue, within the framework of the article, let's compare these CMS with each other.

Today, sites based on OpenCart are quite widespread. This system is especially popular among online stores. The key advantages, in the opinion of a large number of users, are that sites on OpenCart are quite easy to create, as well as their management is, in principle, convenient. The ability to connect additional modules and select a suitable template allows you to implement most of the tools for commerce and promotion on the Internet.

Using OkayCMS, you can customize the site in a high-quality manner in accordance with the needs and wishes of the owner. Although this system is suitable for various Internet resources, it is especially well adapted to the peculiarities of online stores. Of the key advantages of OkayCMS, the following are especially worth noting:

  • Convenient admin panel, thanks to which it is possible to fully manage the site.
  • Confinement for SEO-promotion, which was reflected in the possibility of using a large number of tools and the correct placement of content.
  • User-friendly design and accessible interface. This CMS is an effective marketing tool that encourages visitors to take targeted actions.
Opportunities OpenCart OkayCMS
Documentation in Russian Not Yes
The presence of a graphic editor Not Yes
Collection of templates Yes Yes
Plugin support Yes Yes
Multilingual Yes Yes
Multicurrency Not Yes
CNC support Not Yes
Ability to plan and work with mailings Yes Yes
Uploading files as a batch Not Yes
Data import / export Not Yes
Attendance statistics Yes Not
Advertising campaign management Yes Not
Built-in feedback forms Not Yes
The ability to use blogs Not Yes
Adaptation to the needs of online stores Yes Yes
The ability to embed payment systems Yes Yes
Export to Yandex Market Not Yes
The ability to use the HTTPS protocol Yes Yes
Available languages Ru, En Ru, En, Ukr,

Site appearance and work with design

To decide which platform to choose, it is worth taking a closer look at each of them. Most of the owners of online stores and programmers who work with these resources at a professional level recommend that you carefully evaluate two key factors:

  1. Admin panel.
  2. Home page.

Working in the OpenCart admin panel provides many possibilities and it assumes the presence of a large number of very different functions. However, it is worth noting the fact that it can be difficult for users without proper education and experience to understand the available functions, and the accompanying documentation is quite complicated for many people. Another disadvantage of sites on Opencart is the rather complicated integration of the necessary elements. Sometimes only a specialist can insert the necessary code - a programmer working with this particular system, it must be borne in mind that many modules are rather bad friends with each other and conflict.

The main page of sites on OpenCart allows you to correctly arrange all the necessary elements, which encourages visitors to click on the necessary buttons and makes it possible to increase sales.

Developing the OkayCMS admin panel, programmers place special emphasis on its functionality, simplicity and convenience. Thanks to this, working with the service is as simple and intuitive as possible - the necessary functions can be found without special knowledge.

Most users pay attention to the fact that sites on OkayCMS have a stylish modern design and allow you to present the product in the most attractive light. And all the necessary modules are already built into the system, so there is no need to pay the programmer for modifications.

Cost of use and terms

To determine which CMS is better than OpenCart or OkayCMS for you personally, it will be useful to compare the features of the tariff plans. Each of the CMS versions under consideration assumes the possibility of using a trial period, during which the user has the opportunity to get acquainted with the management system and decide how it suits him. Also, these systems offer a free tariff, which differs in minimal functionality and capabilities.

Both systems are paid for as a one-time payment when purchasing a license to use the CMS. The user can first try the free version of OkayCMS Lite, which will be enough to start the online store, view and analyze the reports on the work, and then subscribe. You can even download the free version of the system to one of the popular servers to get started.

Site support

An important factor in choosing OpenCart or OkayCMS for many is the availability of support. In each of the CMS it is provided.

  1. The ability to explore all tools.
  2. Connecting new modules and testing the site.
  3. Getting updates.
  4. Purchasing and configuring a server.
  5. Analysis of the site.

  1. Possibility of getting advice on technical issues.
  2. Help on setting up the site's functions.
  3. Error correction.
  4. Having your own cloud hosting.
  5. Monitoring of site work 24/7.

Startup process

Many people are concerned about whether they will be able to configure and run the site on their own. The startup process for both systems is very simple. Additionally, OkayCMS has a launch instruction.


As you can see, each of the considered systems is worthy of attention, although they have serious differences and features. It is worth considering the fact that OpenCart was originally developed as a universal CMS, which is focused on the work of specialists. This explains the rather laborious launch and configuration of it. In contrast to this, OkayCMS is as simple and intuitive as possible. Working with this CMS does not require deep knowledge from users, even a person without relevant experience can quickly master OkayCMS.

The main advantages of OkayCMS are the following:

  1. Fast and easy installation.
  2. Possibility of fine personal settings.
  3. Focus on working with online store catalogs.
  4. Availability of all the necessary list of SEO tools.
  5. The ability to use all popular forms on the site.
  6. Fast work and attractive design.
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Mef Lemberg
18.09.2021, 15:48
Напевне краща система на сьогодні)
11.09.2021, 06:53
Ковальчук Марина
22.01.2021, 14:24
30.01.2020, 15:00
Лож чушь и не правда... Сборка как у вас почти и есть опенкарт... Перерисованный просто наполнен ненужными модулями...
30.01.2020, 16:16
Павел, посмотрите в код или в админку. Да куда угодно. У нас общего с опенкартом только то что мы также система для e-commerce
21.12.2019, 12:50
Ви порівнюєте її з lite версією 3.* яка ще не доступна
20.12.2019, 07:43
Вы конечно извините, но последнее сравнение по процессу запуска полный бред!
Если на то пошло, то клиент будет проходить все те же самые этапы, что и на Open Cart, когда ему потребуется создать уникальный продукт, а не стандартный магазин со стандартным шаблоном.
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