The new version of Okay CMS 3.6.0


First, let's tell you what features (improvements) are included in the new version.

The functionality of unloading to XML has been completely redone. Unbuffered queries are now used. This allows you to normally handle unloading with a large number of goods in them.

Simply put, unloading will work faster and better.

A cache of the router has been made so that to generate url on strategies where the path of categories is used, it is not necessary to constantly regenerate them

In simple terms, now all situations when you need to build a link taking into account the category will work faster

Made the transfer of the group_id parameter to the YML unloading. This will allow you to more correctly upload products of certain categories to YandexMarket. More details can be found at the link

If earlier products of the same model but of different colors or sizes (with different options) were unloaded as completely different products, now there is an indication that they all belong to the same model and YandexMarket (and other aggregators) will be able to combine them into one product card with different options ...

Additional languages for the system have been moved to a separate branch on GitHub. At the moment Georgian and French languages are available there. Special thanks to Yuri Bondarenko for the French language. In the admin. panels, on the site languages page added a link to GitHub with additional language versions.

Why did we do it? Now, firstly, if someone finds a typo in an additional language, they can fix it simply by sending us a pull request and we can publish it right away, rather than postponing it until a new version is released. Also, the default version will not have languages that we are problematic to maintain and keep constantly up to date.

We made it so that if there is no translation in the translation file, it will be displayed on the client side in the default language, and in the admin. parts in English.

Sometimes the developers of modules or templates do not add translations for all languages. If earlier in such cases nothing was displayed and it was possible to find a button without text, now the translation from the main language will be displayed. We believe that if, for example, by some accident the translation for the "Buy" button is not specified, then it is better to display the Russian word in the Ukrainian version than nothing.

Covered with short blocks print order

Previously, because of this, when developing modules, it was impossible to create a module that somehow changes the order printing. Now such an opportunity has appeared.

Made it possible to search in a specific status. So that you can make a filter by accepted ones, and then make a search, and it happened in the accepted orders.

We also improved the display of the filter plate after filtering in the list of products in the admin. panels. Previously, after I selected a status, "All statuses" were still displayed

Redesigned the New Mail module

Now the list of current issue points is not requested every time via the New Mail API, but is downloaded once to the site and taken from it. This made it possible to speed up the work of this module. We made two ways to update this data, using a button in the module and automatically, using a crown.

We made the choice of the city not from the drop-down list of all cities, but from the autocomplete, which appears after you start entering the first letters of the city. It also made the processing of this site element faster. We rearranged the display of the module page in the admin panel, made everything there much more understandable

We made it so that if there is no translation for a specific phrase in the translation file, then the phrase is taken from the main language.

Added the ability to wedge into the display of the product in the order when creating a module.

Integrated library to work with the phone (thanks to makki). In the site settings, it is now possible to select the default region for formatting the phone number and the default phone format.

The country phone number can now be entered without a code or with the full country code.

To enter the telephone number of other countries, it must be entered in the international format. The phone is stored in the database in its pure form, without brackets, hyphens and other things. This is very useful when the phone needs to be used in the future for sending SMS and other things. On the output, for clients, the phone looks in accordance with the "Default phone format" settings

Created a separate .local for translations so that you can run projects on the gita. Now even if the project is on the gita, the client can edit the translations.

The problem we encountered: Clients, being on the gita, often want to edit translations from the admin panel.

Solution: Made it so that translations from the admin area were saved to a specific .local file, and taken from there - if any. This file will not be kept according to the gita and then the client will be able to edit the translations from the admin panel. This is done in the GIT project management module

Made an information block with statistics on the orders page. This block shows statistics on the number of orders in each status. When filtering orders for a certain period, statistics are recalculated and displayed for the specified period.

Made a button for sorting properties alphabetically.

Previously, properties were displayed in the order in which they were added. This was inconvenient, especially when properties had to be ascending, such as weight or size. Yes, they could be set manually in the desired order, but on a large number of properties it was inconvenient. In addition, even setting everything manually, and then adding a new value, it was necessary to add it to the right place manually. Now you can click the button and all the values of this property in the admin panel and on the client side will be sorted alphabetically.

An important point. They will be sorted alphabetically, and not in ascending order, so if there are such moments as in the screenshot below, they will still need to be configured manually.

Redesigned the display of warnings, notifications and prompts in the admin. panels.

Created a special documentation module admin. panels so that developers of modules and add-ons can easily see what preset styles are and use them so that the admin panel does not look like a rainbow, but looks in the general style.

Redesigned the display of the administrator's comment to the order. Now in the order list, this comment is displayed immediately

Earlier we made tracking of order sources. In this version, we have improved the ability to switch from admin. panels on the order source link. Now there is an opportunity to quickly go to the site where the client came from and see what kind of site it is.

Fixed transfer of discounts from order to 1C

Search work has been reworked. Now, if it finds one product, then it immediately throws it into the product, and not on the page with a list of products.

A checkbox "Hide single filters" has been added to the catalog settings, which determines whether filters will be displayed if there is only one option for filtering by this property.

And also a few purely technical features for programmers

When creating a migration table from a module, you can now create a composite index. It is also now possible to create fields with the mediumtext and longtext data types

Added registration of smart plugins from modules for the admin panel.

The output of errors in the basket has been changed, all errors are displayed through elseif (ie only one is displayed) and the last options are outputted to the variable in the value of which you can pass the error text from the module.

The ajax basket response has been moved to the helper, so you can modify it from the module.

Added front_scripts_after_validate shortblock to scripts.tpl, using it you can modify js validation rules

Transfer of translations has been redesigned in all letters to clients, now translations from modules are available in the client's letter.

Added a check in module migration that if a field is marked as Primary Key then it cannot be null

And now the list of fixes of the previous version

Fixed a bug with sorting categories, if you expand the entire category tree through the plus sign. Previously, all categories were dragged, now the category that is needed is dragged in exactly the same way.

Fixed a notice that was sometimes displayed when uploading photos through the file manager

Fixed a rating error in the micro-markup of the main template, when the value was passed not just as a number, but in brackets.

Modified the WayForPay module that behaved incorrectly when there was more than one product in the order. Now payment through this module will proceed correctly.

Fixed a crashing theme under the admin when changing the resolution in the browser

After the update, Google Chrome began to define the mobile version in a different way, and as a result, if you enable the theme for the admin, go to the site under the admin, and turn on the display of the site as for mobile devices in the developer panel, then the main theme was displayed, not the theme for the admin. We have added an entry in the cookie with the manager's login and the work of the topic under the admin is now associated with this cookie and does not crash with the above actions.

Fixed the fact that in the ProductsHelper :: attachFeatures () method, all properties were retrieved

This created problems for developers when it was necessary to sort by a specific property in the admin panel. It works fine now

Fixed the work of mass disabling of payment methods.

Earlier, if you checked all the payment methods and tried to turn them off, it didn't work. Now it works correctly.

Fixed display in a situation when the phone number is not specified on the site, but the email is specified. Now the email in the header is displayed immediately, and not on hover

Example as it was before

Fixed various, not entirely correct names of fields in the admin. panels. For example, in the order, the field with the Customer's name was called "Title".

Fixed possible editing of HTML email templates from the admin panel, from the section Design - Template files. Previously, editing emails from the admin. panels were banned

We fixed a bug in which, if you did not click on the payment method, but stay on the first proposed one, after placing the order, it was required to confirm the payment method again.

The problem was that we made a mark for ourselves about the selected payment method only after a click. And when a person had such a choice, but the first option eliminated him and he did not click anywhere, but immediately placed an order, then we did not display which payment method he chose and the client had to re-select. This is working fine now.

Fixed bug of add to favorites button. In the previous version, if you add a product to your favorites, reload the product and click on the heart to remove it from favorites, the product was deleted, but the heart remained filled (as if the product was still in the favorites).

After changing the variant of the product in the order, the units of measurement of the product were not pulled up. It was displayed as in the screenshot below. We fixed it.

Fixed a bug with returning goods to the warehouse when deleting an order.

When the goods are transferred to the accepted ones, the goods are written off from the warehouse. When an order is deleted from accepted, then such a product, according to the logic, should have returned back to the warehouse, but this did not happen.

Fixed a bug with the work of the "Product catalog" drop-down list on the tablet. When I clicked on this button, nothing happened. It works now.

Fixed mutual exclusion of the filter for new products and recommended ones.

Previously, if I already filtered it by some characteristic in a category, then the filter by new products or recommended ones did not work.

Fixed a bug when the total cost of the product was incorrectly displayed on the page of the placed order.

The cost of delivery was not added there if it was delivery through Novaya Pochta. At the same time, everything was displayed correctly on the checkout page, the bug was noticeable only on the page of an already placed order.

Fixed the work of the CNC Settings for products under certain conditions

The problem was that if you set a certain combination of link building for products, then when you go to the product, a 404 error was issued

In the admin. panel, on the page with the list of properties, when the "Show all" button was pressed, the properties were displayed only from the first page of the pagination. Corrected it.

Refactoring the code for potential vulnerabilities for XSS attacks and fixing them.

Fixed a bug in the rating microdata in the product

Fixed a bug in displaying other customer orders in the order, in the "Other orders" tab. In the previous version, pagination did not work correctly if there were a lot of orders

Correct order of displaying properties in the client side. In the previous version, the property order in the admin. panels and the order of properties in the client side could sometimes be different.

When creating a product, before a category was selected, properties from the first category of the store were pulled into it by default. This sometimes confused clients. Currently, when creating a product, properties are only displayed when a category is selected.

You can download the new version by following the link archive with changes compared to 3.5.2 using the link You can also write through the "Technical support" section to order an update.

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Евгений Владимирович
22.05.2020, 00:38
Когда вы научитесь обновляться так чтобы ничего другое, что было уже сделано непосильным трудом не ломалось? Сколько можно восстанавливать все с нуля после ваших обновлений?
22.05.2020, 09:55
Евгений Владимирович , а что у вас сломалось?
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Проделали очень много работы) Молодцы)
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