Terms of provision of software products

The Terms apply to all versions and modifications of OkayCMS software products (hereinafter “Products”). To install paid Products, prepayment is required on the Contractor's website. Free Products are provided for installation without payment.

End User License Agreement

The End User License Agreement for OkayCMS Products is published at https://okay-cms.com/en/license-okaycms

Product Updates

The Contractor is constantly improving the Products, based on the wishes of users and their own marketing research.

Any modifications, such as adding, removing, changing existing capabilities and / or changing the user interface, are at the discretion of the Contractor.

Updated versions of the Products, including bug fixes and minor improvements to already supported functions and capabilities, are provided to the User free of charge for 180 days after the purchase of the Product. In addition to free updates, the Contractor reserves the right to release new versions of the Products on a paid basis in the event of significant improvements and / or the addition of new functions. The cost and conditions for the purchase of paid versions of the Products are published on the Contractor's website. The User independently decides to purchase new paid versions of the Products.

The user can be notified of the release of updates by publishing information on the Contractor's website and / or by e-mail.

pon the expiration of 180 days after the purchase of the Product, the User is no longer able to access the updated versions of the Product. The User has the opportunity to use the version of the Product already received earlier, after the purchase, for an unlimited amount of time, but access to new versions of the Product for this User will be closed.

The User who previously purchased the Product will have the opportunity to purchase access to its new versions again with a 50% discount. To do this, the User will need to go to his personal account on the website https://okay-cms.com/ and place an order to extend access to the Product from his personal account. Only in this case a discount for renewal of access will be applied to the User.

To be able to track the user's purchase history, the Contractor automatically creates a personal account for the User on the website https://okay-cms.com/, and the User agrees with this, and also agrees with the Personal Data Processing Policy.

Providing technical support

The Contractor provides technical support to the User on the installation and operation of the Products in writing.

The Contractor makes every effort to provide a qualified response to each request within 24 hours of receipt.

The Contractor does not provide support for individual customization and revision of PHP scripts and HTML / CSS templates. At the individual request of the User, the Contractor can provide additional services for diagnostics or changes in the settings of the User's hardware and software.

The Contractor does not provide training services for technologies used in the development of Products (PHP, HTML, CSS, etc.).

In the event that the User makes changes to the Products, the Contractor does not guarantee the compatibility of the updates with the modified version of the Products and disclaims any obligations to further support the modified Products, including the obligation to provide support.

Privacy Policy

The Contractor respects the User's private information. Any information provided by the User and stored on the Contractor's server is not disclosed or transferred to third parties, except when required by applicable law or a court order.

The Contractor uses the email addresses specified during the User registration on the Contractor's website only to send messages necessary to process the User's orders, to send notifications about Product updates, as well as about possible changes in the work of the Customer Center.

The user always has the opportunity to refuse to receive messages from the Contractor by using the unsubscribe link, which is contained in each such message.

The Contractor reserves the right to use the User's IP address to verify the information specified when paying for orders.

Refund policy

Due to the fact that the Contractor provides an intangible product that is not subject to physical return, a refund to the User is possible only if the Product does not comply with the functionality declared on the Contractor's website - after the Contractor has established and confirmed that this discrepancy really takes place.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, the User should carefully read the user manual and other reference materials posted on the Contractor's website, or contact the support service to clarify the consumer properties of the Products and their compliance with the User's needs.

Insufficient knowledge of the User is not a basis for a refund, including, but not limited to, the following circumstances:

  • the inability to use the Products due to the discrepancy between the settings and / or versions of the system and other software used, the system requirements specified on the Contractor's website;
  • impossibility of customizing or changing the appearance (design) of the Products due to the lack of the necessary knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and other technologies;
  • impossibility of making changes to the source code of the Products due to lack of the necessary knowledge in software development.

Refunds are made only by contacting info@okay-cms.com no later than 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of purchase of paid Products.

After 30 (thirty) days from the date of purchase of paid Products, the Contractor will not accept claims and the funds will not be returned.

Only the amount received by the Contractor for a paid Product is subject to refund, excluding bank fees and other payments. The funds received by the Contractor for installing the Product on the User's side are non-refundable.

Refunds are made within 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the date of receipt of an appeal to info@okay-cms.com if the Contractor decides to return funds to the User.

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