Property groups

12 ( 4.1 )
Module Description

The add-on allows you to collect product properties into groups, to exercise full control over them. Groups are displayed in the product card and on the product comparison page.

Key features:

  • a group of properties can be assigned to a separate one or more categories
  • the same property can participate in different groups
  • changing the order of displaying groups in a product
  • product properties that do not belong to any of the groups are automatically collected into a separate group and displayed at the end of the property list
  • if there are no property groups in the product, all properties are displayed as a list as before
  • in the admin panel you can filter properties by group
  • in the admin panel, you can filter property groups by category
  • in the admin panel on the property page, you can add properties to the group using batch processing
21.06.2021, 15:09
это доступно на 4.0.5?
22.06.2021, 22:13
jm, нет, пока это модуль только для второи версии
06.05.2020, 15:15
Для 3-й версии пока нет. Планируем сделать, но не обещаем, что скоро.
05.05.2020, 15:23
Есть адаптация под версию 3* ?? И можно подробнее принцип формирования?
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XML feed for Yandex.Announcements for OkayCMS 2

The revision allows you to create a feed for posting your products in the free Yandex.Announcements service ( ). Products can be included or excluded from the feed one by one or using group processing on the product catalog page of the admin panel. There are no restrictions on the number of ads in the service. In a separate section, you can configure uploading and download a regularly updated list of categories from the Yandex.

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