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How to organize and to accept payment in the online store

Table of contents
  1. Learn how payment systems work in Ukraine and Russia
  2. Collect a list of payment gateway requirements
  3. Review site requirements from international regulators
  4. Register and create a merchant account on the payment platform
  5. Choose a method of connecting the service to the site
  6. Choose a tariff plan
  7. Accept and analyze payments

A complex payment process and a small number of methods lead to abandoned carts. To increase the transaction rate, one solution is to allow the buyer to pay online. There is a convenient way for Ukrainian and Russian businessmen how to organize payment in an online store without involving programmers. Our team has tested and created step-by-step instructions.

Learn how payment systems work in Ukraine and Russia

Bank cards, in particular Mastercard and Visa, are the most popular among Ukrainian and Russian buyers. Some people prefer local systems: Space in Ukraine, World in Russia, some modern Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Do not hope that every customer has a bank card of a certain payment system. If you want to expand your audience, increase loyalty and increase your average check, improve the payment process.

Before choosing a reliable service, you need to understand how Internet acquiring works:

Connection of each payment system separately . To connect, you need to find partner banks, prepare a package of documents, attract developers to integrate the system into an online store. If during the processing of the transaction on the side of the banking institution there are technical problems, the payment will be declined, and you will lose the buyer and money.

Connection of payment systems through the service . Special companies (gateways) cooperate with dozens of banking organizations, providing unique processing: if the main bank declines the payment, it automatically goes to another. The process lasts until the payment is successfully processed, and you will not spend a minute fixing the problem. In addition to automated payment processing, you get several payment methods, an easy-to-use connection, an easy implementation of technologies, taking into account the type of business and the characteristics of the company.

Collect a list of payment gateway requirements

There are several well-known services in Ukraine and Russia. Each has a set of payment methods, ways to implement the system and additional functions to simplify the interaction between the online store and the customer.

To determine the best platform, you need to make a list of requirements. Studying well-known services and choosing the best one, we focused on the following points:

  • A variety of ways to integrate. These include a button for payment, special modules for web resources on CMS (OkayCMS, Wordpress, Joomla and others), invoicing, API.
  • Variety of payment methods. The owner of the online store must be able to provide customers with payment by bank cards, through local payment systems and innovative technologies (Apple Pay and Google Pay).
  • Transparency. A clear system of payment for services, no hidden fees.
  • High conversion. Each payment must be processed quickly and successfully. Such an opportunity is provided by payment gateways that work with several banking institutions.
  • Functional personal account. Pay attention to the availability of convenient analytics, the ability to study each transaction separately. A plus will be the presence of a mobile application for instant data retrieval.
  • Technical support. The site should have an online chat for prompt communication with support specialists, and even better - a personal manager. Also check for contact details such as phone and email.

The above criteria helped us decide which payment system to choose for an online store, regardless of the direction and turnover of the company. After examining dozens of Ukrainian and Russian gateways, we chose the Fondy platform. It meets all the requirements and also offers unique opportunities for the company to enter the international market.

Review site requirements from international regulators

Before accepting payment in an online store, it is important to prepare the site. Your site must comply with the requirements of international payment systems.

  1. General requirements : stable operation and correct display of web resource pages; information about each product; compliance of goods / services with the activities of the enterprise; certificates and licenses are available for viewing to all site visitors.
  2. The key texts are posted and publicly available : privacy policy, protection of personal data of the buyer, conditions for receiving an order, services provided and their features.
  3. The site contains information about payment : currencies and available payment methods, logos of connected systems (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and others).
  4. Company Information : Users can view the legal name and address of the company, actual address, registration number, email and telephone.

Register and create a merchant account on the payment platform

Before accepting payments in an online store using a payment gateway, you need to connect a service from Fondy. Setting up a merchant account will take 10-15 minutes.

To access the platform's capabilities, you need to do the following:

1. Go to the site .

2. Register. You can create a personal account using email or via Google / Facebook / LinkedIn. A letter will be sent to the mail to confirm the registration.

3. Tell about the company. You will need to indicate the country, the company's website and the current phone number. It is important to choose the right type of account: an individual, a legal entity or a sole proprietor (in a Ukrainian sole proprietorship).

The company does not need to have a website. Instead of a web resource, you can provide a link to an official account on any social network.

4. Enter financial data. It is enough to indicate the legal name of the company, IBAN and EDRPOU. Please indicate the minimum amount of the refund in advance. In the future, to decrease or increase it, it is enough to send a corresponding request.

5. Identification. You need to download electronic samples of an extract from the unified state register, passport and identification code. You will also need a scanned copy of a certificate confirming the existence of a bank account. If you have a license, certificates (for example, you are engaged in the sale of medicines), they can also be downloaded in your personal account.

During the day, the moderator will study the information and sent documents, after which he will contact you. In order not to waste time, you can immediately start implementing the payment system in the online store using test data .

Choose a method of connecting the service to the site

There are several ways to connect a payment to an online store. The Fondy platform offers a variety of tools for accepting payments:

5.1. Connecting payment to the site on the CMS

Content management systems make it possible to put a template, install and configure the necessary plugins, creating a full-fledged online store. CMS helps to save money on the services of programmers, since you can make changes yourself.

Considering the advantages of content management systems, Fondy has provided payment modules for 30+ CMS. It is enough to choose a system, download a plugin, install it on your web resource, following the instructions.

For example, step-by-step instructions on how to organize payment in an online store on OkayCMS:

  1. Download the module from the Fondy website.
  2. Upload the payment folder to the root of your web resource.
  3. Go to the subsection "Payment Methods", which is located in the "Site Settings" section.
  4. Click on the "Add a payment method" button.
  5. In the "Title" line, enter Fondy. Select Fondy from the Module Type drop-down list. Additionally, specify the merchant ID, secret key and other necessary data. Remember to save your changes.
  6. At the last stage, you need to choose a delivery method, activate the system.

The setup will take about 5-10 minutes. After completing the above steps, you will receive a branded payment form on the site.

5.2. Connecting payment acceptance for a complex product

Using API integration, your development team can create a unique solution tailored to the specifics of your business. The programming interface makes it possible to perform payment transactions, create reports, monitor transactions, study payments on the side of your server or application.

You can study the API Fondy scheme on the company's website.

Choose a tariff plan

Connection to the Fondy platform is free, however, a commission is charged for making payments. The tariff plan depends on the scale and turnover of the business.

Companies with a certain monthly turnover can agree on special terms of cooperation. The payment of the commission can be completely passed on to the clients.

Accept and analyze payments

We described and showed in detail how to organize payment in an online store through the Fondy payment platform. Now information about each operation can be studied in your personal account. The data will also be sent to email. If API is configured, notifications will additionally be sent to the server.

If you want to organize acceptance of payments in an online store, register at Fondy . By connecting to the payment platform, you will get a reliable partner, you will be able to attract buyers, enter the international market, and your customers will independently choose methods for paying for purchases!

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