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CRM is a musthave tool in sales

Table of contents
  1. Where can I see the reports
  2. Google analytics
  3. Channel or source
  4. Devices from which visitors enter the site
  5. The time period until the decision to buy
  6. Audience demographics
  7. Buyers geography
  8. End-to-end analytics report

It is almost impossible to successfully sell goods and services without marketing analytics. This trend is explained by the large flow of customers and the high potential of the business capacity.These two factors require attention of managers, whom we recommend to look at advertising costs in terms of sales as closely as possible.

There are two options for collecting and accumulating information:

  1. The analyst uses Google Analytics to set up end-to-end analytics. To do this, it sends information from CRM and from each ad source to GA.
  2. In Google Data Studio, a specialist develops marketing reporting. To do this, he connects this tool to Google Analytics, and also sends data there from social networks, advertising channels, call tracking and CRM or other databases.

In this article, we will take a  look at the issue of transferring information from CRM and advertising sites to Google Analytics.

Sometimes marketers  collect only  information about investment in advertising, considering it sufficient for analysis. In fact, the collected information also needs data from CRM about income. Thus, the customer will be able to track in the reports the return on investment in advertising - in which channel the transactions were carried out and for what amounts, as well as see the figures for other related positions.

Setting up the transfer of data from advertising channels to Google Analytics and information from CRM gives:

  • The ability to be aware of platforms that leads came from as a result of the purchase. Now the proportionality of the potential of this or that advertising platform is precisely known. This contributes to a competent management process and attracting hot customers. In addition, such indicators help to analyze the USP used in advertising - whether their motivation to buy is equally strong.
  • The accuracy of the ROI - ROMI. Now you can see the full picture of the advertising campaign: how effective it is in terms of establishing the flow of targeted traffic and sales. After all, everything is started for the sake of the purchase - the target action of the visitor. Along with this, the user's subscription to new articles, information about promotions and much more is considered a key action. Of course, the purpose of the process most often boils down to commercial gain.
  • The ability to adequately assess the amount of funds spent on attracting customers and determine how appropriate they are in comparison with income. If the difference is insignificant, it indicates that the conversion of a site visitor to a buyer is too expensive. In such a situation, it is worth revising the structure of the sales funnel.
  • The ability to control income for each individual product, and, consequently, to manage the process of promotion and sales volume. The information obtained allows you to plan the assortment, expand it and thus scale the business.
  • Awareness of the exact amount of profit from buyers who came from advertising resources and social networks.

Where can I see the reports

Google analytics

The accumulated data on information from call tracking, CRM and advertising resources allows you to manage the company's activity in the marketing aspect. And not only: an increase in the conversion rate, traffic quality will be seen; real amounts earned from each site visitor and from the sale of each product.

Channel or source

The information received testifies to the correctness of building the sales funnel: the order and speed of targeted actions, as well as how long each visitor stays on the site.

It will also be known about the number of visitors who came to the site from one or another advertising channel. Thus, it will be possible to adjust bids and change sites in a timely manner to optimize the promotion results.

Devices from which visitors enter the site

Such data suggest the advisability of launching an additional advertising campaign in the mobile version, and also indirectly indicate the need to adjust the layout of the site.

Now we know what the ratio of purchases from desktops to phones is, which allows us to more confidently adjust ads and create creatives for various user devices.

The time period until the decision to buy

The data from the report helps to understand how much time passes from the moment a visitor enters the site and his first step to make a purchase.