How Google Shopping works and how to increase lead generation for your online store


Google Shopping is the best that Google could come up with for e-commerce. This is the coolest thing for online stores and users looking for products on the web.

Why? Because Shopping ads are much more informative than plain text ads. From product advertising, the user immediately recognizes the name of the store, price, rating and reviews, and also sees a photo of the product. That is, the information that allows already at this stage to understand whether the offer is suitable. If a click on an ad happens, we can talk about a high intent and a greater likelihood of a purchase.

In this article, we will look at the basic principles of work and show how Google Shopping helps to increase turnover in online stores.

Algorithm for displaying Shopping ads

How Google Shopping works is simple: When a query is entered into the search bar, Google looks for relevant information in the data provided by advertisers. If the system finds matches, then it generates results with ads.

In this case, all information about the products is in special tables - feeds. Here are indicated:

●     title;

●     price;

●     discounts or promotions;

●     availability on the site;

●     Colour;

●     size and other important parameters for selection.

Google Shopping is displayed:

●     on the first page of search results;

●     in the Google marketplace - on the "Purchases" page;

 on YouTube - on the homepage and in search results.