How to quickly fill an online store with goods?

Table of contents
  1. Filling images of store products
  2. Filling in product descriptions of an online store
  3. Filling in store product metadata
  4. Additional settings for the product card

OkayCMS is a modern CMS for a store with wide functionality that allows you to quickly create online stores at a professional level. Of course, creating an online store is only half the battle, because in order for it to function, it also needs to be filled with goods and other important information. Often, it is at this stage that the owners of online stores face big problems, especially if there are a large number of trade positions in the catalog. Your main enemy in such a situation is only one - the fear that you will not be able to fill the website of an online store on your own. In this article, we will consider the functionality of OkayCMS for filling an online store with goods, after which you can independently work with any amount of content.

All work on filling the site takes place in the administrative panel. To start the filling process, click the "Add Product" button in the "Products" tab.

Filling images of store products

Creating a trading position implies filling it with text information and adding a photo of the product itself. The product image helps the user to get acquainted with the product visually and significantly increases the number of store sales. Product photos must be unique - this is important both for the user and for website promotion in search engines that value unique content above all. If possible, take a photo for your store's products yourself. You can fill them gradually, while some of them are missing, the system displays a template image by default.

фото шаблон изображения okaycms

To make this picture more attractive to the user, you can change it and add your store's logo or name. To do this, you rename the modified image with the applied logo (in png format) to no_image.png. Next, you look in the administrative panel in the "Design" tab for the current design theme of your store. On hosting or via FTP access, open the “design” folder, and in it we look for a folder with the name of your current design theme. Replace the no_image.png file with ours.

As a result, you get a branding image for your store's products that have no photo while you are filling the site.

If this is not possible, or there are a lot of products, then in extreme cases you can download images from the manufacturer's website. The main thing is to pay attention to the fact that there are no watermarks on this image. Of course, the photo must be of good quality, the higher the resolution, the better. We recommend adding multiple images to each product from different angles - this will increase the attractiveness of the product for store customers.

There are three ways to add photos to the site:

  • using the "Add image" button (1);

  • by dragging the image (2). To do this, just hold down the left mouse button on the file and drag it to the appropriate field in the product card.

If you have several images, then you do not have to upload them one by one, because OkayCMS has a multi-upload function. Just select the photos you want to upload in the window that opens when you click on the "Add Image" button (1).

Filling in product descriptions of an online store

It is better to start filling in the information with the name of the product. It is also desirable to make it original for each position of the online store. This will help the user to quickly navigate and search engines to distinguish each page of the product, as well as to avoid duplicating pages.

It is necessary to fill the product card with exclusively unique descriptions, since the position of the site in the search results largely depends on this. Marketers recommend using a description of 500 to 1000 characters - this is the average optimal size that can comprehensively tell about the product. The main thing is that it contains the characteristics (material, size, color, etc.) of the product and reveals its purpose. The more attractive the description of the product, the more the user will be interested in buying it.

Filling in store product metadata

When you start typing the title into the string, OkayCMS will automatically generate text in the "Title" and "Keywords" metadata fields. Meta tags are needed in order to form a snippet - the text that accompanies the link of your store in the search results.


The "Description" field is generated automatically from the short description of the product. All metadata can also be configured manually, including queries (keywords) by which your online store is promoted in search engines, and to make them more attractive to the user. We recommend that you include in them the name of your online store for each position.

In addition, on the product page, you can assign it to a category, add properties (size, color, material) and manufacturer (brand). These data are needed to add them to the filter , with which the user can find the desired product in the catalog of the online store.

OkayCMS is multilingual by default. This means that you can create a site in several languages at once, so that the user can choose his native language and view information comfortably. If you use several languages in the online store, you need to fill in additional descriptions in the language bars (4) at the top of the page. In these tabs, you need to add a description of the product for each of the languages used on the site.

Additional settings for the product card

After adding photos to the product card, it would seem that the work on creating a trading position is over, but here are some more tips on the OkayCMS functionality that will help increase the number of sales.

Use the marketing tools of the OkayCMS platform. So that the buyer, once on the product page, clicks the coveted "Buy" button, you can help him make a choice. Add triggers (1) to the photo, such as "Promotion", "New", "Hot Selling" - this will surely attract the user's attention. Optionally, you can upload your own trigger images. Product rating (2), which is assigned by users, increases the credibility of the product and increases the number of its sales. Therefore, we recommend monitoring user reviews and encouraging them to rate this or that product in your store.

Add featured products for each item. Such chains of related goods will help the buyer to find an analogue of the product or an accompanying product.

Add promotional or popular products to the home page . On the main page of the store, the “New items” block with new products of the store is displayed. This block is generated automatically from the last loaded products. Additionally, there are also displayed the "Hot Sell" and "Featured Products" blocks. To add a product to this block, you need to click the Hot Selling star in the top panel of the product card.

Above, we examined the manual filling of goods, the OkayCMS system also provides for the export and import of goods from a file ( CSV format).

Finally, I would like to say that filling an online store with content is a job that everyone can do. To do this, you do not need to have a specialized education or special abilities - you just need to understand the fairly simple functionality of OkayCMS.

We hope that this article has provided answers to all the questions that might arise while filling the online store with goods.

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